The Biggest Architecture Trends For 2020 And 2021

Architecture is the visual art and buildings speak for themselves. And if the building trends for 2020 and 2021 could speak for themselves they would definitely speak about the sustainable development and sustainable architecture. The 2020 and 2021 architecture trends have something in common and it I the use of recyclable materials which refers to bigger respect and care of the planet Earth.

In the article below we are presenting you the biggest architecture trends for 2020 and 2021 you could try to insert in your building if you are buying or building a new home.

1. Industrial style in the housing architecture

Industrial style is defined by asymmetrical forms, characterize by the combination of sharp lines and materials such as iron, aluminum or wood. Nowadays this style also uses recycled plastic as a material which helps in the reduction of the building costs. Industrial style means simplicity, absence of extra surface elements and is mostly used for residential buildings.


2. Home automation and smart homes

The smart technology is an upward trend and is taking part of almost all the aspects of modern living. Housing is not an exception. Smart buildings are becoming a trend more and more building agencies follow nowadays, and now you can find homes with automated systems that can control the temperature, light or home security.


3.  Open and multipurpose spaces

More and more homes build up nowadays reduce the existence of walls between different rooms the most they can. Different areas form the home, especially kitchen; dining room and living room have been transformed into one entire room with more practical space for the whole family. Any of the rooms is decorated in a consistent way with the other so it makes a whole that is spacious and light.


4. The kitchen is the new protagonist

One of the rooms of the house that we spend the most time in is the kitchen. It is the place where we cook the food, we eat and sometimes we have guest’s in. That is why the newest architecture trends for 2020 and 2021 protagonist of the home is the kitchen itself. Nowadays we can see homes with more and more spacious kitchens and kitchens with central islands that are connected with a dining room or living room.


5. And the bathroom is a space for relaxation

If you thought that bathroom is a place just for personal care and a short shower, you are wrong. Latest trends in architecture understood the bathroom as a place to relax after a hard day at work, and build the bathrooms differently than they use to do it before. Now bathroom have been constructed more spacious, with coatings in very light or even white colors, which are more relaxing and easier to clean. The central space in the bathroom is kept for big shower cabins with hydro massage facilities. The other furniture that is used in the bathroom has bigger storage capacity, so that you can collect everything you need in there, so you have it all on the hand when you need it.


6. White, always white

It is all in the sign of getting more spacious places to live in and one of the best ways to get it is by using light colors on the walls. White and different shades of white has been used to visualize the walls and to provide more luminosity to the space. To break the monotony white has been decorated with some grey or mustard colored decoration items, such as pillows, carpets or wall paintings.


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