How to Make a Small House Seem Bigger When Choosing House Plans

Are you planning to build a small home but want the feel of a bigger one? It is not very often that people desire this. It is usually either about wanting something small that feels cozy and comfortable or something large to have a lot of room for their stuff.

Well, you can now make a small house look bigger at the stage when you choose the plan for the house. But before we go into that, be sure to find house plans here if you have not chosen any yet.

Now, let’s get into the details!

Small House Plans

Lofts and Vertical Space

You can make a small house look bigger with high ceilings. High ceilings will not only create the illusion of a bigger space, but will also create vertical space in the apartment.

So, rather than having your things kept all over the place and taking up the not-so-much space, you could install hooks and shelves on these vertical areas for storage.

An apartment loft that doubles as your bed space will also maximize floor space and make the space big.

Available Green Spaces

When choosing a plan for a portable building with the intent to make it look big, consider using green spaces, even if the houses are shared. Green spaces are commonly found in small houses that are parallel to one another.

The green spaces could be trees, grass, or other plants. So you could decide to create a tiny garden or a lawn. Whatever you opt for, you can rest assured that it will make your house look bigger.

Built-in Storage

Consider built-in storage systems too. Such storage systems are usually part of the furniture, wall, and even under the floorboards. This way, you won’t have a shelf or closet taking up room.

These storage options do not only help to save space but also make a house look more spacious.

Open Shelves

Open shelves are similar to built-in storage systems, only that they are not a part of walls and floors.

Rather than constructing a bookshelf or kitchen cupboards, open shelves are the best options to exaggerate small spaces.

Glass Windows

Choose a household plan that supports the installation of glass windows, lots of them. This will allow more light into the home so it does not feel cramped.

And while you are at it, get windows that protect your interiors from UV rays. See this article for the benefits of UV protected windows.

Multi-purpose Rooms

You can convert one room into your multi-purpose room. This is another aspect of the plan where a loft becomes necessary. An apartment loft can be used as a bedroom, sitting room, and study.

Use Bright Colors

Dark colors tend to make small houses feel smaller. It creates this feeling of being crowded, which is the general feeling many people get from living in them.

However, you can change that. Use lighter and brighter colors. Such colors will brighten the rooms and add life to them.

The following are tips you can implement to make your small household seem bigger after choosing house plans:

  • Ensure sure the place is always organized. If things are lying around everywhere, it will certainly feel cluttered. Keep things where they are meant to be, clear the tables, clean the floors, etc.
  • Hang mirrors. There are certain rooms in a home where mirrors are naturally supposed to be, such as the closet. However, you can hang mirrors on the walls of other areas in the home. Mirrors tend to make rooms look larger.
  • Remove unnecessary items. Do you have more than one end table around a couch? Or have you lost count of the number you have in your bedroom? What this does is that it cramps up space in a home and causes the place to look smaller than it already is.

You can also find more simple tips here:


To summarize what we discussed above, you can make an apartment look bigger if you pay attention to the plan of the house and make necessary adjustments to it. Some of the areas to consider include the height of the ceiling, vertical spaces, use of green spaces, and built-in storage.

If a building contractor can figure out and pay attention to the smallest things, you can be sure that he will be able to maximize the available space in your home.

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