The Best Tips When Designing Your Dream Custom House Plan

If you want to build a dream home or have it built for you, then you are going to need a plan. We’re not just talking about a basic sketch that may get you planning permission. Creating a dream custom house plan takes a lot of effort because you want to create a perfect home!

Fortunately, these tips will help you to create the perfect dream custom house plan.

Talk To Your Builder

Before you start your project you want to speak to specialists in custom built homes. There is a good reason for this, you’ll want to know how long it is before they will be able to build your home, which gives you a guideline regarding the time you have available to complete the design.

The custom build specialist will also be able to give you some useful tips regarding what is possible, and what is not. This can be instrumental in creating the right design.

Start With the Basics

The basics don’t need a plan. This is where you considered, and write down, what your house needs. For instance, how many bedrooms do you want, will they have en-suites? Do you want a home office or a playroom?

Understanding what your house needs in it and in the yard will make it easier to create a design. Don’t forget to think about how many levels you would like your house to have.

It’s important to consider what may change in the future and how this will affect your house. For example, do you intend to have children?

Draw A Rough Plan

Now draw a plan. It doesn’t need to be too scale or accurate. You need to focus on where each room will be and how the flow of the house will work. Start by looking at the flow of your current home and friends’ homes. Then, consider what is good and bad about these homes and incorporate the good in your design.

Don’t be afraid to do this lots of times, you’re not going to get your dream home on the first try!

Consider Lighting

Ideally, you will already have a plot in mind or have already purchased one. This will make it much easier to plan the light in your custom design home. You need to consider where the sun will rise and set and whether the ground is flat, as well as whether there are any obstacles to light.

This will help to ensure every room has as much natural light as possible.

Work With A Professional

Your custom house builders will probably have a specialist in design who can help you create the finished plans ready to submit for planning permission. If they don’t, speak to an architect.

They should be able to turn your rough drawings into a scale plan of your dream home. At the same time, they can point out any potential issues and share their own knowledge from previous experience. This can make a valuable difference to the practicality of the build and living in the home.

Once you have planning permission, this person will also supervise the build to ensure the custom home that is built matches the dream custom home you have designed.

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