Different wooden watches available online

Wood watches seemed a strange thing in the beginning because of their orthodox appeal, but now they are a great and practical option. Previously they were just used as a purely stylish choice but now they have become a viable option against metal and silicone watches. Though the internal mechanism of wood watches isn’t woody, but it is the casing which makes it uniquely appealing. So, you have so many types of wooden watches to consider.

Take a look at the different types of wood used to make wooden watches:

The wood plays a vital role in the durability, look and life of the watch. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the color, grain and texture of the watch you are purchasing.

Bamboo wood watch: Bamboo is an eco-friendly wood because it grows quickly and can be replaced easily. It also has a smooth texture and has a light color, being suitable for men and women both. The unique natural pattern of bamboo adds to the look of the watch.

Maple wood: Maple wood is simple to design and is highly appreciated in the watch industry. It has fine and straight grain and is long-lasting to wear. It is appealing and has a light color.

Sandalwood: A high quality wood, sandalwood is often used for facial masks and skin exfoliation. It is a great natural beauty product for human skin and has amazing scent. It is available in different colors and has a unique grain, being straight and wavy. It brings a great level of uniqueness to sandalwood watches.

Teak wood: Teak is light brown and is unisex. But teak wood isn’t found easily so it is not very eco-friendly. However, it is weather resistant and can be great for an all-round wear.

Walnut wood: It is highly recommended for watches because of its dark shade. The walnut wood watches are durable, attractive, classy looking and rich.

Zebrawood: Zebrawood has a zebra stripe look which makes it stand out from the rest. It has interlock graining which makes it extremely beautiful. It is a difficult to make watch as the grain is hard and soft. But it is highly durable and has an impeccable appearance.

Wood watches for men and women

Wood watches look great on both on men and women. There masculine and feminine designs available in this. Wood watches for men and women are available in plethora of styles and designs. They are light in weight, can have small and big dial. While watches for men are bigger and rounder, female watches are lighter and smaller.

Where to purchase wooden watches from?

You may find specialist wooden watches website online. However, it is important to do proper research and look out for a trustworthy and reliable store. Also make sure you check the customer reviews and testimonials before finalizing. Check out the prices and do a comparative study and choose the one which suits your budget and style. Havern is a great online website to purchase best quality wooden watches of different types.

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