10 rules for using perfume – if you want noone to run away from you

Nowadays achieving success is the main goal for people who are active on Linkedin, trying to buy Linkedin Followers to succeed in a competitive environment. Adapting to the situation is the key to success. Everybody writes about dressing for formal events and how to behave in the gym, but everyone forgets the basic rule of etiquette used by perfume. For many, perfume is a vital pillar of individualism, but caution is essential when choosing their favorite dosages.

using perfume

What is needed to prevent perfume from spoiling our image?

  1. Change the scent depending on the situation

Nobody wears the same dress and does the same makeup everyday. We dress according to our mood and situation, so this rule also applies when choosing perfumes.


  1. Stop spraying perfume on your skin

When scent interacts with heat, rubbing against the skin damages the scent molecules and alters the original scent. If you want the perfume to feel natural, let it in the air and let it go. A smell like this will give you glamor all day long.


  1. Be careful in the office

You probably don’t want your scent to hit the office before you do, so opt for intense aromas and enjoy a refreshing citrus scent like Hermes Caleche Soie de Parfum. Be aware of other people’s sensitivities and allergies, so it’s best not to smell the perfume at the table before dinner.


  1. Handle perfume correctly

Apply perfume to the part of your body that keeps warm the longest. Applying perfume to the neck, décolleté, wrist, and back of the knees is ideal in summer.


  1. Apply perfume to your hair

If you add hair moisturizers or masks to the perfume, the scent will stay on the hair for a long time.


  1. The fragrance stays on moisturized skin longer

Before using perfume, try using an unscented moisturizer or jojoba oil – it won’t change your fragrance’s uniform profile like natural oils on your skin.


  1. Mix perfume lotion

To keep the fragrance lasting longer in all conditions, choose scented products such as soap and body lotion from your perfume line. This will further prolong the effect of the pleasant scent.

  1. Yes, perfume can be applied to clothes too!

People debate about whether to put perfume on our clothes. Some argue that perfume ingredients stain or bleach fabrics. If the garment is not made from natural silk, using fragrance is the perfect way to achieve long-lasting results in the form of a diffused scent.

If you are in the sun, it is best to apply the perfume to your clothing rather than your skin, as the psoralen it contains (especially in citrus flavors) does not cause an allergic reaction.


  1. Be creative!

When it comes to fragrances, you are an artist – play, have fun, don’t be afraid to experiment. A person who has been using the same perfume for many years may become “blind” to the world of fragrances. Everyone can find and adapt their own mysterious scent, which others will forever remember. Moderation will make your perfume an integral part of your look.

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