7 trendy accessories that will help in enhancing your outfit

https://www.boelry.com/cartilage-piercing-studsWhen dressing up, we all have one goal in mind: to look our best. We all know that just an outfit would not let us look our best, and we need to accessorize it accordingly. Heading out with friends, going on a dinner date, or even just a casual day out demands a certain kind of upkeep that we all should take care of.

Just like one has to spice up their life, they have to spice up their looks as well.

Who likes to dress up boring anyways?

Keep reading to find out what you may pair your dress with to achieve that bombshell look.

trendy accessories


A trendy hat

If it is a warm summer day or a bright sunny morning and the beautiful woman in you has to head out, putting on a beautiful hat would do. If you are wearing a button-down shirt, a silk blouse, or even a long dress, a cowboy hat can look best with all of these. You can keep your hair untied and maybe pair it with jeans. They literally make you look chic.

Since it’s already summertime, you can actually embrace this new look pretty soon.

Leather jackets

Disclaimer: Leather jackets are not at all overrated. They are given humongous importance for all the right reasons.

If you are planning to wear a little black dress, a bodycon, or even a floral skirt, a womens leather jacket can suit all of them. You just need to decide what color and style would look the best. A leather jacket can give you the hot, elegant, and classy appeal simultaneously. It is literally an all-rounder. Also, leather jackets are obtainable in different colors and shades, styles, and sizes. It is not just one dress that you can pair your leather jacket with.

This is an investment worth it. Any splendid genuine leather jacket can easily last up to 7 years, but this should not make you invest in something that does not fit you right, is too tight, or a bit too loose.

Do you have an ear piercing?

Well, you cannot just wear normal ear studs; you can even experiment with asymmetric earrings. Having already embraced asymmetrical dresses, now embrace asymmetrical earrings. When considering asymmetric earrings think of unbalanced lengths, uneven colors, and contrasting embellishments. If you’re feeling more experimental, you can easily pair a sturdy selector knob on one ear with a heavy earring hanging on the other.

But, wait. Don’t pair asymmetric jewelry with asymmetric prints. They are a turn-off.

A bag

Well, do not think that we are obsessed with leather, but a leather bag literally works best with most outfits. Wear a dress, even a business suit or a jumpsuit; a leather bag can make the outfit look gorgeous and you breathtakingly beautiful. Getting one in browns or blacks should do because whites do not go with other colors well, and if you buy a colorful bag (that would cost you much provided that it is high-quality leather), you would not be able to use it with different kind of outfits and many other colors.

A cross-body bag can look trendy with a few, while a leather handbag can go well with casual and professional looks. A high-quality leather bag can last you up to 30 years if you take good care of them, and no, they do not go out of fashion.

You can buy a clutch or a purse too…

A wristwatch

Well, we do not mean to tell you that you should break your bank to get a trendy watch, but spend mildly. A wristwatch can give you a literal professional look. It makes you look classy and elegant, so if you are planning to go on a dinner date, a delicate wristwatch that may be of silver can go well with your outfit. Wear a long dress or even a short one. A wristwatch can literally suit both of them.

Watches show time, but they themselves are inherently timeless to wear. Over the years, they have just gotten better and never seem to go out of fashion.

Buckle ’em up

Yes, get a belt. Erase. Get a leather belt that is modestly thick. We do not want something that is a bit too overwhelming. We need to accessorize ourselves for an effortless look. Have you seen people who literally own the best pair of embellished pumps, jackets, bags, and much more, but it doesn’t suit them. Why? They mistakenly wear all of them together, or maybe most of them.

Pairing a dress, a long skirt, or even jeans with a leather belt can revamp your look big time.  Belts give your body a shape and definitely make you look sexier.

Tip: get something with a beautiful buckle, but ensure that it is monotone and something that goes well with most colors.


Yes, we ought to keep those before the “bottom line.

We are aware that heels are a must, regardless of anyone’s height, and while high heels are gorgeous, it’s really annoying to see women crying over hurt feet. Like you can, buy something comfortable because those heels give you added confidence and make you look appealing. If you find a pair in which you can keep your head up, buy it anyway, but if you know the shoes are uncomfortable, then you can rest assured that in the end, you will look unattractive for how it forces you to walk.

If so, then look for wedges, chunky heels, or anything that is sturdy and will be able to hold your body weight. Just, by the way, anything comfortable has to be better than a pair of stiletto shoes that hurt.

Bottom Line

Instill life in your most basic outfits with these highly trendy accessories. Take out those boring outfits sitting in your wardrobe. It’s time to become the center of attention with your trendy and chic looks. An outfit is not complete until you accessorize it well. This is why whenever one decides upon what to wear, they should evaluate the kind of accessories they would need beforehand.

But now, you do not have to worry about it a lot. For most of your dresses, we have laid out what you may pair to look your best. And, obviously, put succinct makeup on your face. Not too much and not too little.

(Yes, you are going to look magnificent.)

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