Trends In The Summer Jewelry For 2022

Summer styling definitely cannot be complete without well-hit pieces of summer jewelry. Given that bright and dynamic colors dominate this warm season, both in terms of fashion and beauty, the same trend has been reflected in jewelry. In order to attract that wow sigh from others, it is not enough just to dress well. Well, it is necessary to complete the outfit with good jewelry. Jewelry is sometimes the main imperative for a good look. Have you noticed that if you pair a certain outfit with two different types of jewelry, you get two completely different looks.

Sometimes you just need jewelry when you buy your favorite dress and want to wear it two days in a row. Certainly, you don’t want people to think that you have nothing to wear. So, two different types of jewelry, will help you here. In accordance with the season, it is necessary to know and combine the jewelry. It is the number one accessory of every fashionable person. But do you know how to choose attractive jewelry when it comes to summer outfits? Believe it or not, there are rules how to choose jewelry properly. Nowadays, each designer writes his own rules, so in this article we will refer to the general tips.

What to choose from summer jewelry to become the queen of fashion accessories this summer 2022?


They are the most noticeable type of sustainable jewelry. They will be noticed by the person you are shaking hands with, the person to whom you are explaining something with your hands. Or maybe the colleague to whom you have just handed a coffee. Although the hands are always in the foreground, they are always in motion. This season, gold bracelets that will sparkle under the rays of the sun are especially worn, whether they are simple bracelets or made of gold beads. Gold is not recommended for the beach and sea salt, that’s when braided thread bracelets come in. They are sweet, simple and striking.


Opt for a cool necklace when it comes to summer evening outings and get-togethers. Then you certainly won’t go wrong with somewhat bulky necklaces that are full of details. Gold is again in first place for evening outings. If you decide for a lighter daily version, then light jewelry in summer colors, like blue with small wooden beads, is a great choice.


They are reserved for the braver, considering that in the summer it is quite difficult to carry any kind of burden that flutters around your head. If you are a fan of larger earrings for summer walks, earrings with summer colors and patterns are recommended. Slightly larger earrings in the shape of flowers and leaves are a very cute option.


Choose summer jewelry from different materials, but the same style. Combine seemingly incompatible things at first glance – rings made of different materials, but one style. For example, you can put on one side an intricate ring, scattered with small emeralds, and on the other – the same, but with rubies. Small rings of the same style will look good on one hand, especially if they are made of different golds.

Hair and head summer jewelry

Hair and head jewelry is very current and you can see it more and more on girls and women, especially at the beach. Head jewelry is simple and easy to wear, so it is a great alternative for summer jewelry. It doesn’t burden you, but is noticeable and cute. If you are not the type for summer jewelry, then definitely must try hair jewelry. Play this summer with the colors and different materials of summer jewelry, with the sun and colorful colors. Whatever combination and jewelry you decide on, you will never be wrong!

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