Top 5 photography Instagram Channels

Photographyis the art, application and practice of creating image. Photographs are the best way to relive the past and preserve it. There are a countless number of photographs who have made their name through instagram. They have taken photography to a new exciting level. So let’s take a look into the top five photography Instagram channels. 

  • Adam Senatori (@adamsenatori)

A pilot who loves to take photographs of the places he’s been to. His feed is filled with the dream of every traveller. He was an airline pilot who left his job for photography, since then he has been shooting photos and videos. He has worked with the world’s largest companies during his fifteen years of commercial photography such as Ray-Ban, Louis Vuitton and General Electric but mostly works for the world’s smallest companies. 

  • Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Simone Bramante is also known as Brahmino, he is the first Italian photographer with more than 800 thousand followers. If you have ever come across a dreamy sun-drenched images of a small Italian village on instagram,  A positive way to achieve this overnight is to get real Instagram likes

it was definitely one of Brahmino’s posts. He loves to document the beauty of his country and tells colourful stories with the help of his camera. His feed is full of breathtaking landscapes as a background for human subjects. He fell in love with photography at the age of 18th when he bought his first camera. He never thought of becoming a professional photographer but because of a series of occasions and situations helped him to become a professional photographer.

  • Ilhan Eroglu (@ilhan1077)

He is a traveller and a photographer. He usually takes wide angle photos that literally show the bigger picture. It is the perfect Instagram account for photography as well as travelling tips. He is a Turkish photographer. This is an easy way of promoting, along with buying Instagram followers from Greedier social media.

His images look like classical paintings. Sweeping vistas, dramatic lights and rich colours help Ilhan to take us to a completely new place. He has created a unique set of photographs covering almost all parts of the globe because of his love of adventure and discovering new places. His passion of art has inspired him to become a photographer.

  • Jonpaul Douglass (@jonpauldouglass)

He is an established commercial photographer. He likes to incorporate humor and surrealism in his design driven photographer. He has worked with huge brand names such as Apple. He is from Florida. He is a man who can induce a chuckle out of everyone with a single image. He stated in one of his interviews that he is such a person who kept on changing his major because he really didn’t know what he wanted to do. He never thought that he would be doing photography for his living. 

  • Ha’a Keaulana (@haakeaulana)

If one is fascinated by oceans, natural formation and sports, then he should definitely follow Keaulana. He is surfer photographer from Hawaii. She’s the granddaughter of surfer legend Baffalo Keaulana and daughter to big wave surfer/stuntman and waterman Brian Keaulana. Carrying on her family’s ocean knowledge, she continues to share the aloha spirit through her photos

This shows that Instagram has taken over Photography. It has influenced the field of Photography thus embracing it by curating better ideas and thoughts into it and making it all the more better and remarkable in today’s time.

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