The “Triple Threat” of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes may be pretty small but they can pack a deadly punch. Of course, that’s not actually their aim, they are simply after the nutrient in your blood to help them survive.

Unfortunately, in the process of sapping your blood, they will transmit any toxins they are already carrying; into your bloodstream.

In many cases, this will have no significant effect on your health. But, mosquitoes are known to carry the Zika virus, as well as dengue and chikungunya. The really chilling factor is that new research shows a mosquito is capable of carrying all three of these bacteria in one go, potentially infecting you with three deadly diseases!

That’s why if you suspect you have a mosquito problem you need to find an exterminator near me as quickly as possible; the sooner the mosquito threat is vanquished the safer you and your family will be.

Zika Virus

The Zika virus is known to cause birth defects when a woman is infected while pregnant. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no vaccination or cure for Zika.

If you get Zika you’re likely to develop a fever, rash, have headaches, joint pain, red eye, and even muscle pain. It can last for between a few days to a week but it is very rare to die from this disease.


You’ll usually develop symptoms of this disease 3-14 days after you’ve been infected, (bitten by the mosquito).

The symptoms include high fever, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, vomiting, and a skin rash. The rash is the easiest way to identify the disease as it is unique.

In general, this illness will pass after 7-10 days but in some cases, it can become severe dengue. In these cases, you’ll start to experience bleeding, low platelet levels and even something known as blood plasma leakage. This can lead to very low blood pressure and dengue shock syndrome, which can result in death.


Again you’ll experience joint pain and fever. You’ll also likely to suffer from headaches, joint swelling, muscle pain, and even a rash.

In most cases, the illness will pass in a few days but the bacteria will actually stay in your body for as long as 7 days, allowing you to transmit the virus onward via mosquitoes and even flies.

All three of these diseases can be carried by the mosquito at the same time. Each one has similar symptoms and doesn’t usually result in death.

But, what if you’re bitten by a mosquito carrying all three diseases? It’s possible your body will be overcome fighting all three diseases at once.

That’s why it’s essential to take steps to avoid mosquito bites and to see a doctor as soon as possible if you think you’re developing any of the symptoms.

  • Use insect repellent but use it after your sunscreen.
  • Use netting when you sleep or have air conditioning.
  • Your whole body should be clothed whenever possible. You can use permethrin-treated clothing to prevent mosquitoes from being attracted to the aroma and heat of your body.
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