These 11 Haunting Photographs Aren’t Just Scary… They Will Give You The Chills

We are so impressed of creative and unique art and when we look these photos we wanted to share them immediately with you. The artist that took this photos is Christopher McKenney a Pennsylvania-based photographer who specializes in horror surrealist photography. His work is both haunting and beautiful, and features incomplete men who appear to be trapped between two worlds. The photographic illustrations are pretty terrifying. But if you are an art of photography buff, try and keep your eyes open while you look through them, because they’re also really stunning. look what this creative artis done.

Horror surrealism is a spooky thing, but it’s what photographer Christopher McKenney specializes in

ep 1

ep 2 source

McKenney’s photographs, while they ARE extremely eerie, signify more than just fear and unease

ep 3

ep 4 source

They represent men dealing with different struggles, and having various existential crises

ep 5

ep 6 source

This photo, for example, represents a man who has ideas but is just keeping them hidden

ep 7 ep 8 source

The photos certainly have an element of shock value, but they’re supposed to make the viewer really think.

ep 9 ep 10 source

What do YOU think each of them mean?

ep 11 source

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