This Cabin In The Woods Is Built Out Of 3 Shipping Containers, Wait Till You See Inside!

If you think that only expensive things could be luxurious than you are wrong. The proof is this cabin in the wood built with three shipping containers. Each cost just $3,400. The owner Joseph Dupuis from Ottawa began work this amazing cabin that would eventually see it be converted into a truly amazing place to live.
The cabin is fully insulated so that it is not affected by the cold winters and has an in-built cooling system for warmer weather. It also has plenty of space, measuring in at 355 square feet, along with a wood stove, solar panels for power, a fully furnished kitchen and shower.

It just looks like some regular containers from the outside


When the doors open it transforms



It has a kitchen, shower and even a fireplace!

cabin-in-the-woods-4 cabin-in-the-woods-5

One downside is that the cabin doesn’t currently have a toilet as installing one and digging into the ground for the septic tank would make the cabin legally a dwelling. This would mean that Dupuis would be unable to move it to other locations without first getting permission from his local authority. However, he has designated a space for a toilet to be put in if he chooses to in the future.

cabin-in-the-woods-6 cabin-in-the-woods-7

cabin-in-the-woods-8Photos by Japhet Alvarez/ S7vn Photography

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