Tips for Writing a Nature vs. Nurture Essay

Psychologists always try to explain some human actions regarding an individual’s nature or nurture peculiarities. Everything might look easy and simple, but it is better to clear out what notions “nature” and “nurture” mean. In case a student does not differentiate between these two things, the essay will lose points or could turn out to be not valid because of a misleading outcome. What is the difference between the words ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’?

Sometimes students know the difference but lack time to compose a proper essay. Any professional essay writing company is always ready to come to a student’s rescue and write A-level papers before the deadline. For those who have time to perform it, the article gives tips to clear out the core issues.

The ABC Definition of Nurture and Nature Essays

Nature Essay

A student needs to dwell upon biological characteristics when writing a nature essay. Here students should investigate the tested person’s relatives, especially parents and ancestors (genealogical tree). A researcher usually takes into consideration genetics. For example, people often say “He is just like his father”. Naturally, a person has inherited some vivid features. It means that he might have the same temperament, diseases or appearance as his father.

Nurture Essay

A researcher has to study the environment of the object. The surrounding things and people influence on an individual. They form habits. For example, children from aristocratic families have different behavior compared to those who grow up without parents or in a poor environment full of violence. These factors impact human behavior, traits of character, and reaction to various situations.

Nurture vs. Nature Discussion

Why does one person start fighting in case of quarrel and another one tries to solve the problem using arguments and proofs? Is it the result of genetics, hormones or some environmental factors like culture and family traditions? The history of this debate is long. Everything started in 1960. The theory of behaviorism gave the basis for further investigation. First, it failed because the author tried to explain everything leaning only on persons’ customs, traditions, and surrounding but forgot to consider biological inheritance.


Students usually have to write about nature and nurture factors in a child’s life. Both factors have a positive and negative influence on mental activity:

  • nurture: children follow their parent’s habits, behavior, language style, and even mimics
  • nature: genes result in certain character and temperament type

Nature and nurture components also compose the intelligence of a person.

  • nature: clever parents give their offspring a chance to be smart too.
  • nurture: excellent kindergarten, school, university, and home education provides better intellect in a person than poor ones.


Students often have to explain the reason for different diseases. A person can inherit some health problems or get them under the impact of surrounding like rules, problems, restrictions, and other factors. For instance, a child can get presupposition to diabetes mellitus because of sick parents but never get it because of a healthy lifestyle. Another child might not have genetic problems but he or she might get sick because of improper life habits.


One more aspect students are to discuss in their papers is medical treatment. Sometimes the best way is to prescribe drugs that can fix the situation. Sometimes drugs do not work without psychological therapy and a favorable environment. It means that both nurture and nature aspects matter.


Gender roles and expected reactions to various situations belong to TOP essay topics in colleges. Nature mirrors the gender look of a person while nurture forms a personality, behavior, reaction to different situations. For example, if a girl has parents who suffer from alcohol abuse and provide violence, she might try to behave like a boy in order to protect herself from possible harm from other people.

Tips Which Help to Compose a Successful Nature vs. Nurture Essay

Each essay type has concrete peculiarities. This essay requires awareness of things one can inherit or acquire during life. A student has to see the difference between these two notions to be able to conduct solid research and present valid results.


First of all, a researcher must read and analyze relevant literature. The bibliography should include not only Internet resources but also encyclopedias, books, newspapers, magazines. They make the investigation trustworthy. Internet information is also good but a person should check it first. Everybody can post various news and it is not so easy to test its veracity. Scientific magazines and newspapers, on the contrary, never publish unreliable and unchecked information.


Planning is necessary. It lets a person perform the task on time and avoid silly mistakes. An outline mirrors the structure, demanded data, time limitation, and other details. Due to that, students will never miss the deadline or forget about some constituent parts or formatting.


One should pay attention to the essay structure. It usually consists of three components.

  • The introduction: one should briefly give the definition and spot the difference between nature and nurture factors.
  • The body: present trustable relevant sources to reflect the key idea of the essay topic comparing the impact of nurture and nature.
  • The conclusion: summarize the information and offer ideas for further investigation.


One more thing one should consider is college requirements. Each college demands some concrete number of pages or words, formatting (font type and size, spacing, page numeration, title page look, etc.), a way of presentation, appendix, and other details.

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