Tips on How to Write an Essay About Your Travels

Traveling is one of the best activities to do when you are a student. While you are traveling across the globe, regardless of where you are, you can take notes to write a brilliant essay. In this way, you can show your imagination and writing skills both to your classmates and teacher or lecturer. You can use all kinds of sources, such as websites and travel journals from the past to exceed the information you want to give about a specific place. Even though you want to travel more, you can come across obstacles like more essays and papers. There are several solutions for you online, such as an online essay or paper writing service. With a quick online search, you can find several websites and services like speedypaper. By using these services, you can create some free time to travel more. In addition to that, you may want to get help from online sources, but you cannot be sure whether your essay is free from plagiarism or any kind of scam; in this situation, you can use websites like in order to check your essay. When you get rid of your homework, you can now focus on your essay about travel. Even if you think that writing about traveling can be a hard thing to do, you can improve yourself and be creative in time. Here are a few but effective tips about how to write your travel essay.


Describing a place with words can be a hard job to do, but in order to show its beautiful sides, it is one of the most important key factors. While writing your essay on your travels, you should use your observation skills and creative ideas to describe a place or scenery in detail. In this way, you can both show your skills to your classmates and teacher, and create an essay that is full of imaginative paragraphs. You can use different verbs and adjectives to describe a specific place; you can also use resources like travel journals to check out how different writers described the place that you traveled. On the other hand, you should also use your own words; otherwise, it could be meaningless, because the main point of writing about your travels is to show the place in your perspective to your audience. In this way, by using a vivid language, you can write the essay you want, and when you read it, you and your audience can feel like they are also witnessing the place or the scene that you saw.

Less Detailed

There is no point to write irrelevant details in your essay. Details about your traveling experience, such as your plane ticket’s price or your hotels’ foods, can be irrelevant to your essay’s main idea. In order to avoid this, get rid of all unnecessary details about your trip while writing and check your essay after you finish it whether there are unnecessary details. In this way, you can create a clear storyline and a linear way of writing.


If you want to tell your trip in a linear way, you should write it in chronological order; otherwise, your audience or teacher may be confused about it and get lost and cannot follow your trip while reading it. On the other hand, if you want to write an essay that doesn’t have a linear timeline, you can categorize different places by their effects on you, or you can also write historical places in one paragraph and natural beauties in the following one. In this way, you can create your own coherence.

Taking Notes

While traveling, you should take notes about specific places or scenes that you like the most, and it can give you hints for further writing. Your notes can involve your feelings, specific and physical details about an object or a place, and your observations about the culture that you come across while you are traveling. Taking notes will help you and will make the whole process easier, but do not take long and confusing notes, be clear and specific.


When you travel to a foreign country or a city, which is far from your hometown, you can come across different cultural aspects. In order to make your essay a great one, you can also mention about cultural lifestyle and way of life. While writing, you should be careful not to use any harmful description about a specific ethnicity or culture; otherwise, you can offend them. Moreover, you can also mention your observations about an activity that you don’t have in your own country. It could be a meal, a specific saying, or an object that you haven’t seen in your life.

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