Tips To Choose The Right Skirting Boards For Home

Adding skirting boards to homes is like an attraction for visitors. There are a variety of options available for the people. A person needs to dedicate a good time to choosing the best option as it will impact the house’s complete look. Let us look at the various tips.

Scale And Proportion

Are you stepping out in the market to choose the skirting boards from ? The first thing that matters is the size of the room you are planning to purchase the boards.

The room format will help decide the right size of the skirting boards. Normally the height of the skirting boards a person is purchasing must be 1/8 of the room’s height.

  • The taller skirting boards will be the best if the room’s ceilings are high.
  • On the other hand, if the room’s ceiling is low, then the person should avoid using taller skirting boards.

Designing Of The Skirting Boards

There is not just a single style of skirting board available for the people. A person needs to go through the various styles and choose the one compatible with the proper design of the room.

Therefore, the boards will have a positive impact on the complete look of the room. Some of the famous designing of the boards are:

  • Ogee is the style of the boards that are popular in the UK. In most cases, they provide the traditional look to the place. But they are also a good option for modern houses.
  • The bull nose is the style that has the round at the top edge. The clean and smooth design of the boards is the main reason it is people’s choice.

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Material of The Boards

As we all know, in the market, there are variations of the skirting boards available; a person will ensure that all of them are made using different materials. A person can go for the material of the skirting boards that are made of durable material and also an economical option in the long run.

Even the person can look for a sample of the specific material, and if he considers it a favorable option, then in the future, use the same.

  • Medium-density fiberboard is one of the most popular materials for skirting boards. These are not only economical options, but their use is quite easy. The best thing about this material is that even a beginner can use it easily.
  • Another type of material is the plastic skirting board. PVC boards are mainly used in the fixing by plumbers. It is because they have the quality of resistance from the various materials. Most people use it in the bathroom, and the kitchen as water use is more at such places.


The color of skirting boards is also the choice of the person planning to purchase them. There are a variety of colors that are available in the market.

In addition, a person can do the matching of the decor of the boards with the room and go for the option that contrasts with the room’s design.

  • In general, most people love wooden color skirting boards. They give an elegant look to the place. In addition, they are available at various prices on the market.
  • Another choice is natural timber, painting of such skirting boards is possible. It will provide the choice to the people regarding the color of the skirting boards.

Style Of The Interior

Every person keeps a specific type of interior. If the skirting boards match the house’s interior, then the look of the place doubles.

The person can analyze the various styles of the house and the type of the skirting boards that will ebb set for that design:

  • If you follow the Hampton style in your house, then going for the bigger skirting boards will be advisable.
  • The other style that is commonly followed is the Edwardian; if you have such a house, then go for the simple skirting boards. But the thing that matters is the curve in the skirting boards.

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The People Living In A Place

While selecting skirting boards, a person also needs to check the people who live there. Look whether the pets or the small children live in a place or not.

If the area of the place is small and more people live, then go for the option that will cover the small space and provide proper breathing.

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