Title: 5 Simple Tricks to Make Your House Look Finished

Have you ever looked around your house and thought to yourself, “Something just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel like I live here.” If so, it’s possible that you’re struggling with something designers would refer to as an “unfinished house.” Thankfully, there are ways to fix this problem.

How to Make Your House Feel Complete

A house that’s complete feels lived in, but not run-down or in need of repair. It’s a comfortable yet beautiful space where you feel at peace. Here are some tips for achieving this feel:

  1. Install Fencing

Curb appeal is everything. It sets the first impression for visitors when they walk into your home. It also has the power to conjure up specific emotions when you pull into the driveway after a long day of work. If the outside of your home looks complete, you’ll feel complete. If it doesn’t, you’ll have this gnawing feeling that something isn’t quite right.

One way to instantly improve curb appeal and give your yard a feeling of completeness is to install a fence. Just make sure it’s the right kind of fence. We recommend you buy traditional vinyl fencing. A clean white vinyl is especially attractive (and usually looks really good against a green lawn).

Whatever you do, avoid a chain link fence or unfinished wood fence that will rot, fade, and warp over time. Traditional vinyl fencing holds up for years and can be easily cleaned with nothing more than a garden hose.

  1. Hang Art on Walls

Moving inside, pay close attention to your walls. Wall art is one of those small details that makes a big difference. It can add color, dimension, and variety to a space (rather than just having large expanses of painted drywall).

When it comes to art on walls, choose pictures and paintings that reflect your style. With large walls, you may want to include one or two big feature pieces. On smaller walls or in hallways, picture galleries are a good option.

  1. Add Houseplants 

You want your house to feel healthy and fresh. You also want to fill empty voids without making the house feel cluttered. You can accomplish all of this (and more) by adding houseplants.

Some of the benefits of adding houseplants include easier breathing, clean and purified air, stress relief, better health, increased humidity, greater focus and creativity, better mood, etc.Don’t have a green thumb? Find some gorgeous indoor plants that are hard to kill. Good options include the paddle plant, lady palm, string of pearls, pothos, Chinese evergreen, jade plant, asparagus fern, and the Chinese money plant.

  1. Curate Bookshelves

Bookshelves and built-ins offer the perfect opportunity to bring your house to life. If these shelves are currently just a hodgepodge of random knick-knacks and books, a quick makeover could do your home’s design wonders.

“To start, consider organizing the books by color—it doesn’t have to be a perfectly ombre rainbow, but grouping by color can make the display feel more deliberate,” designer Katie Holdefehr writes.

If you have large bookshelves with lots of space, you might even consider mixing things up by placing small stacks of books horizontally. Then you can place decorative objects or bowls on top. Layer in vases, artwork, photos, and other mementos to create a unique and personalized appearance.

  1. Decorate the Entryway

The entryway is the first thing people see when they walk into your home. It should really set the proper tone. Make sure you give this space some intentional priority when designing your home. Some greenery, a stylish coat rack, and a tasteful entryway rug can all elevate this space. The goal is to make it comfortable and inviting so that people immediately feel at home in your space.

Adding it All Up

Every house is unique and should be an expression of your specific interests and tastes. Never try to perfectly replicate someone else’s interior design or copy a Pinterest board item for item. Having a “finished” or “complete” home requires you to put your own personal spin on things.

Use the suggestions in this article, but make them your own. With a small investment and some creativity, you can change the entire look and feel of your home, falling in love with it all over again!

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