When is the best time to repair my roof?

A leaking roof is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Most people only realize that their roof is damaged when rain or snow water starts leaking in. If left unchecked, a small crack or dent on your roof can develop into a major concavity that could spiral out of control. It’s important to conduct regular roof maintenance once or twice per year to avoid incurring hefty repair expenses.

Depending on where you live, you might need to repair your roof several times each year. There are quite a few roof repair companies that provide exquisite repair jobs for offices and residential homes – St Louis Roofing Company certainly tops the list.

Here are the best times to repair your roof:

  • During the Summer

Early summer is probably the best time to get your roof repaired. It’s an off-peak period in which most roofers have less work than usual. You’re more likely to be charged less for roofing repairs and replacements when you seek a professional’s help during summertime. In addition to the delightfully lower roof repair costs, summer weather is relatively pleasant and less turbulent than winter and autumn. Any roofer would prefer working in the sunny conditions of summer. However, it’s important to select an experienced and highly rated roofing contractor. Some unqualified roofers might provide mediocre repairs just to get paid, so ensure you don’t compromise quality for price.

  • just before the harsh winter weather

Winter is the coldest season – temperatures can fall to 30F or lower, depending on your state. The low temperatures that we experience during winter can freeze your shingles and cause them to crack easily when drilled or fastened with nails. Apparently, it’s not the best season to get your roof fixed. Getting a roof repair during winter is certainly not recommended, unless it’s an emergency fix. Sometimes the ice that collects on your roof could gradually start to thaw, allowing water to leak into the house and settle on the ceiling. When this happens, you will notice distinct stain marks on the ceiling where ice water has accumulated. This should be a worrying red flag that your roof is damaged and requires a quick repair. Ideally, such issues should be sorted before winter starts. It might be a wise idea to get your roof inspected by a competent roofer just before winter strikes.

  • During Spring

Spring is the season that follows Winter. When spring arrives, the weather becomes much warmer and plants regain their green lushness. Unsurprisingly, this is a wonderful season for roofers because it provides steady work. As a homeowner, you’re more likely to appreciate the importance of a functional roof when spring arrives, especially when the two previous seasons (autumn and winter) have been turbulent. The damage caused by ice, windstorms and other weather phenomenon often takes a toll on your roof. Luckily, spring is a much calmer period. This is the ideal time to get your roof assessed and repaired.

  • When your ceiling develops water stains

If you notice discoloration on distinct spots along your ceiling, it’s a telling sign that your roof is letting in water. However, such stain marks could also be caused by sweating/leaking pipes. Before making any conclusions, get your roof checked out by a professional roofer. If your roof has an issue – broken shingles here and gaping holes there – then you should strike the iron while it’s still hot. Get a trusted roofing contractor to repair your roof immediately. You can get discounted repair prices if you seek this service in the summer.

  • When your roofer recommends a repair

Most people disregard minuscule issues with their roof until it’s too late. You should constantly aim to maintain the structural integrity of your roof since, it protects the entire family from harsh weather conditions. Ideally, you should conduct a thorough roof evaluation at least twice per year. If the assessment concludes that your roof is damaged, then you should fix the issue with the appropriate degree of urgency. Some roof damages are more severe than others. Another critical factor to consider is your current financial situation. If you can squeeze in roof repair expenses into your budget, then get the repair job done quickly. But if you’re a penny-pincher, DIY roof repair projects might work best for you.

Your roof does a critical job of regulating your home’s temperature and protecting your loved ones from the elements. Therefore, make sure that you hire a professional roofing contractor to conduct top-quality repairs on your damaged roof. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!

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