Top 6 Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Living room lighting is a powerful yet subtle tool or ingredient in making your house warm and lovely. Lighting can have an impact on everything from the rug-colour on the floor to the colour of the walls. It is, therefore, very pertinent to have a plan for your lighting design.

Take note that the underlying factor or reason for the serenity, great ambience and aura generated in the living room of that your friend or colleague may be as a result of the correct selection of the lighting design. This article thus seeks to reveal some top ceiling lighting fixtures and how they can be used to give you the perfect living room lighting experience.

1) Pendant lighting

Pendant lights come in different sizes, from big to small and mini sizes. Pendant ceiling lightings adds character to your living room. Pendant lights hang low from the ceiling, and they provide you will only one source of light. You can install several pendant lights in a large living room to fill the entire room or to provide specific task lighting in different areas. Because pendant lights hang low from the ceiling, they are very noticeable, so you need to choose a pendant fixture that fits or corresponds with the decoration items or the style of furnishing used in the living room.

Pendant lighting is versatile, simple and gives out splashes of styles. Pendant lights appear in different packages. Some pendants light fixtures come with two or more pendants attached to one light fixture to give your living room a new style and look. To get a pendant lighting of your choice accompanied by affordable prices click here. 

2) Chandelier

A chandelier is a ceiling lighting option that passes the message ‘’I am brilliant because I am beautiful’’ they come in about any shape any size. It can hang with all its beauty in your bedroom, office, dining room and most especially your living room.

When a chandelier is installed in your living room, it immediately becomes the central point of focus. You need to choose the style of your chandelier carefully. The lowest height of your light should be at least 30inches above the average height of any individual, i.e. your ceiling height should be above 10 feet to avoid disruptions in movement

3) Flush Fixtures

These are flat attachments mounted on ceilings, and they often have a very versatile style. The small flush lights are ideal for a closet, hallway or bathroom. The larger flush lights are good options for the living room. Flush light fixtures are best suited for places that are less than 8feets high. Installing flush lights in a room with a higher ceiling might make the room to have too much space.

This light fixture is one of the most popular design fixtures because it is discreet and provides optimum lighting for any area or room as long as you use the suitable accessory in terms of width and a bulb that is bright enough as well. It is often the most cost-effective ceiling lighting fixture.

4) Recessed Lights

Some people refer to this kind of light as Can or Pot light. This type of fixture is mounted inside the ceiling and is probably your best choice if your room has a shallow roof. Your ceiling needs to be above 6 feet to install a recessed light. The light sits inside the ceiling, and a glass panel distributes the light to the room. Note that you need good insulation in your roof. The disadvantage of this type of fixture is that they do not diffuse light to the entire room. Also, they have a more complicated process of installation unlike the flush or chandelier fixtures

5) LED Indirect Lighting

This is an original take on the ceiling light. This method of lighting involves installing strips of led lamps around your ceiling rather than mounting a light fixture on your ceiling. With this type of lighting fixture, your roof will reflect light from the LED strips, which allows for the impression that the room is a lot more extensive than it is. It can also change the colours if you choose light changing LEDs.

6) Track lighting

This type of fixture that create a very modern effect; they are ideal for task or accent lighting since many individual lights hang from a track. You can either mount the track or suspend it from the ceiling depending on the type of height an effect you want to achieve. Some specific track lighting fixtures allows you to adjust the direction of the individual light, and this is perfect for your desk or your food prep space. Track lighting is differentiated from other options because you can easily customise these fixtures. The installation costs are also very affordable.

In conclusion, there are other ceiling lighting fixtures such as crystal light fixtures, semi-flush fixtures. E.t.c, but the above explained are the top class ones for your living room.

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