Useful Cleaning Hacks You Should Implement During Winter Season

Winter is one of those season when we spend the most of the time inside the home because of the cold weather outside. It is also the season of Christmas holidays, which means a lot of guests and parties, all organized inside the home, again. It is also the season of school holidays and season when kids spend the most of their free time home instead of paging backyard as in spring for example. This all lead to bigger mess and dirtiness of the home itself. Now when the holidays are all gone, and the time is not sunny enough to walk outside, it is time to clean up all the mess your home should pass through during winter. Here are some helpful and clever cleaning  hacks you should implement during winter season.

Clean with Mr. Clean

Winter is a season  when children change their plays outside with the indoors ones. Because of the snow and the coldness outside they use to play more indoors which means more mess, scuff marks and crayon marks. In order to keep everything clean and keep their playing environment without stains and dirtiness clean everything with Mr. Clean, which removes all stains without any extra effort.

Sanitize your toothbrush holder


People replace their toothbrushes regularly after about three mounts of use, or after an illness. Winter is season of more illnesses so you can replace it even more often. But, lets be honest, you may replace your toothbrush regularly, but what about the toothbrushes holder? Winter is the perfect time to sanitize it in order to prevent the spread of germs. It is as simple as you can imagine, just toss the toothbrushes holder in the dishwasher and voila, it is clean and safe.

Clean your dishwasher with vinegar


Here is a simple and very helpful way to clean the dishwasher without any effort or spending extra money on buying expensive cleaning supplies.  Just pour a glass of white vinegar in the dish washing machine before a cycle and you will have it clean and your glasses sparkling.

Use baking soda to clean your oven


With all those pies and other meals you used to cook for the holidays your oven must be dirty and messy after all right? You want a simple and cheap way to clean it? Here it is. Use baking soda and water paste to clean the oven better than with any other expensive cleaner. Just leave it for about an hour and then rinse with water ans sponge if needed.

Use newspaper to clean dirty shoes


Winter is the season of snow and rain and a lot of stains on the shoes. If you want to keep your shoes clean and dry drying winter, then just place newspaper into them to help wet shoes dry faster.


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