Black is itself nothing, just a color. But it has a lot of significant senses. Black is beautiful was a cultural movement in started in the United States in the early 1960s. It was a movement started by African Americans. It later got strengthened in other areas of the U.S. Some people might consider it the color for mourning. Other than this, black has a major contribution to the world of fashion. It appears special in comparison to other colors. This is what makes it very appealing to the eyes. Dictionary has added a word BLACKNIFICENT. adj. It means impressively dripping in black beauty, elaborately infused with melanin, extravagantly bathed in chocolate.

A quote defines it so well:

“You know you are blacknificent, let the world know.”

Where can you add black?

Anywhere of course! Add black in your lifestyle. It will amaze you from the way it will transform you from your dressing to the jewelry and home also. You may introduce dark colors in your home, your room or even your bathroom. This color is extremely mesmerizing. Moreover, the make-up highly focuses eyes while applying. There is a recent addition to it i.e. “Smokey eyes”. In this eye make-up, the shades applied to the eyes of a lady is dark grey or mostly black with a contrast of the desired color. This shows that black is not ignored anywhere.

Why Is Black Beautiful?

Black has the power to express many emotions on times; this is what makes it beautiful and magnificent. Different groups of people use it for different purposes worldwide. But it is not limited to any specific expression. Honestly speaking it is; mysterious, elegant, formal, and authoritative too. On occasions, it might reflect sorrows, evilness, death, fear, aggression. Overall, it is a sophisticated color to represent beauty and the beast at the same time.

Those who wear all black even feel strengthened because it transfers its beauty to the people belonging from any cast, complexion, country, and continent. These are the few reasons which make people consider it as the most beautiful color. To keep it look elegant and present strong emotions, do not go for too much black. It might make things overwhelming.

In terms of spirituality

When black is considered a spiritual color, it does not disappoint there too. Black is truly mysterious and devil type meanwhile protective also. It might take the mind towards the hidden, unknown, and the secretive type of terminologies to define black. The darkness is also linked to black somehow; this is why the air of mystery flows with this color.

Black in Fashion

When we talk about black, our mind automatically captures it as an elegant and influencing color. None can oppose the beauty it grants. To make it your lifestyle you can use all the accessories in black. These may include your jewels, pants, bracelets, key chains, bags, shoes, t-shirts, and even the home decorations pieces. To make your home more appealing and to show your love for black plus gothic items you can bring and buy all the products that suit your personality and home décor. A wide variety and collection in black is available and waiting for you at Cradle of Goth. You can now easily enter the world of BLACK! WELCOME!

Combination of Black

“Contrast creates completion”

The combination of black goes best with white. It has been noticed for centuries. This color has its sentimental value for our forefathers. Even up till now parties are decorated by maintaining the same color theme; from floor to ceiling and head to toe.

A mini proverb best matches the combination which says “opposites attract”. Since the two colors have their characteristics but very well complete each other. These two have made a history of combining with each other and stand truly extraordinary among other famous and timely color combos. It is factual that the combo is dominant than the two of them separately.

However, both black and white are used to form secondary colors; like the darker and lighter shades respectively.

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