5 Tips for Parents Surviving Homecoming Dress Shopping

Homecoming comes every fall for high school and college students, and most high schools celebrate homecoming with a special dance. If your child just entered high school, this is probably the first special event of their life, and they’ll want to hunt down the perfect dress.

Hunting down that perfect dress isn’t easy for the shopper (your child) or the spender (you). Luckily, we’ve compiled five tips for parents surviving homecoming dress shopping for the first time to help you.

Homecoming Dress Shopping

Prepare for a Long Day

If you’re starting homecoming dress shopping online, you can expect a more relaxed experience. However, most people will want to try on at least one homecoming dress in person. Shopping for dresses in person can take a long time as you explore multiple stores and try various styles. Prepare for a long day out and about. Go to bed early the night before, eat a good breakfast the morning of, and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Discuss Budget Before You Start Shopping

As you get ready to head out shopping, make sure you stop and discuss the shopping budget. Discussing the budget beforehand keeps your child’s expectations realistic so they don’t try on and fall in love with a dress they can’t have. Don’t give a budget range. Share the highest you are willing to spend and stop there so that your child knows this is a firm financial boundary.

Carry a Survival Kit With Band-Aids, Hair Accessories, and Shoes

Since in-person shopping is an all-day affair, you need to carry a survival kit. The survival kit should include band-aids in case anyone gets blisters from all the walking. It should also include hair accessories, such as hair ties and bobby pins, just in case certain hairstyles will change the dress choice. If your child is planning to wear a specific pair of shoes, bring the shoes along so that they can check out the whole look.

Bring Back-Up

Can one parent handle homecoming dress shopping on their own? Yes. An extra set of hands and an extra person to share an opinion is always helpful, though. Bring your partner if possible so they can confirm the budget, carry the survival kit, and provide other forms of assistance. If you don’t have a partner or your partner can’t make it, bring a family friend or your child’s friend to help.

Give Try-On Freedom

Homecoming is one of the first special events of your child’s life. Give them the freedom to try on anything within your budget. While you may balk at cut-outs, bright colors, or patterns, the only way to choose the perfect homecoming dress is to try everything on. If you have valid concerns about whether the dress will fit the dress code or feel comfortable all night, calmly talk to your child about your concerns. Certain dresses work for certain occasions, such as long dresses complementing evening events, so that’s another aspect they must consider as they choose the perfect dress.

Surviving homecoming dress shopping as parents of a new high school student is hard. These five tips will help you get through the strenuous in-person shopping experience so that you can support your child as they express themselves through fashion.

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