Sustainable Fashion Tips That Are Easy To Follow in 2022

Sustainable Fashion Tips

More now than ever it’s important to think about fashion and the way we consume it. It’s actually pretty simple and easy to follow sustainable fashion and ditch the fast one. Fast fashion produces a huge number of collections every year with production that’s harmful to the environment and the workers, too. So, here are easy ways to start implementing sustainability in your life and sustainable fashion tips that are easy to follow in 2022.

Choose Clothes Without Harmful Chemicals

One of the most important things to look after when shopping is avoiding harmful chemicals on clothes. Many substances are manufactured using chemicals that are bad for both the environment and the health of people. The same thing goes when you’re washing your clothes. Use unscented laundry detergent since many perfumes and fragrances are harmful and toxic for your skin and can cause irritation. Unscented laundry detergents are best for the environment and for our skin, as well.

Quality, Not Quantity

We all can be tempted to buy new clothes every season, however, it’s essential to be the one in control and purchase one or two high-quality pieces instead of 10 pieces of clothing we won’t wear next year. In addition to being sustainable, we also save money this way. When you’re spending $15-$30 on clothes every week, it adds up. So, next time you want to buy a quality jacket but don’t feel like you have enough money, think about those fast fashion purchases and you’ll be surprised how much you spend. You can find great deals in many vintage and second-hand stores.

The same rules can apply to sustainability at home. Such as, reduce, reuse, and recycle method that applies to both clothes and home.

Recognize When a Brand Is Greenwashing

Take your time to do proper research and read labels and fine print in order to recognize when a brand is greenwashing. Many recognized brands use greenwashing as a marketing campaign to look sustainable when in reality it’s far from the truth. So, it’s important to recognize real sustainable purpose culture when shopping.

Where Do Your Clothes Come From?

An important part of the label is the place of manufacture. It doesn’t always have to be a clear indicator, but there’s a difference between being made in a low-wage country or within Europe. Usually, fast fashion will be made in a low-wage country so they can produce more clothes for less money. These workers often work in unhealthy conditions, as well.

Repair Your Clothes

Don’t be afraid to learn new skills and give your clothes a second chance by repairing them. Even if you don’t know how to sew, you can learn the basics through video tutorials in no time. It’s better for the planet if you repair your clothes and shoes than buying new ones every season. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to fix your old favorite t-shirt and wear it for many years.

Seek Information About Sustainability

This tip is one of the easiest ones, simply just keep on being informed about sustainability. You can find much great information online, in research papers, science websites, books, etc. You can learn a new thing every week and share with your friends and family about fashion’s impact on the planet and what we can do about it. Just make sure to read legit websites with real scientific facts, since everyone can post on the internet.

You don’t have to change all your fashion habits in a day since sustainability is a process that takes time. Start learning about sustainable fashion, read labels when shopping, choose quality over quantity, swap your clothes with your friends and learn how to repair them together. Remember, even the smallest steps count and make an impact.

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