Useful Cleaning Tips That Can Help You Clean Your Computer

Over time, much of the dust that you have everywhere in your house accumulates on your computer. Dust is one of the main enemies of your computer. No matter how much we try to keep the computer clean, no matter what we do, dust from the air is magnetically glued, making it harder for the work of the computer itself. That’s why you need to clean your computer as much as possible. We will tell you a few useful tips on how to easily clean your computer and its parts of the dust with the help of things you already have in your home.


One way to clear your computer or laptop is by using alcohol. First turn off the computer and remove the power cord if it is unplugged and disconnect the battery. Then take a bowl and place a few drops of alcohol in it, and with the help of a soft cloth that has been previously soaked with alcohol, gently clean all the input and output ports on the computer. To clean the monitor, take the balmy skin and spray from the alcohol and water mixture on the cloth itself and slowly wipe the monitor. In no case spray water or other means directly onto the monitor as it may enter the electronic parts of the device and cause damage. Shake the keyboard nicely, remove all the buttons from it and with a cloth on which you previously put the alcohol overwhelmed carefully. If you use a mouse and speakers clean them too.


Another way to remove dust from the computer is by using a vacuum cleaner and a brush. Plug the vacuum cleaner and slowly brush the dust all the way to the computer without damaging any parts. But when you remove the keyboard keys, put them away for a longer distance so that you do not press them.

If you frequently maintain your computer clean and do not allow to accumulate dust after it, the components will have a longer life, and the computer or the laptop will work normally without overheating or reducing its speed.

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