How To Fix Broken Startup Items

Under broken startup items are meant those parts of them that have remained from already deleted applications. These “residual effects” stay only like a litter on your computer and you need to get rid of them. Automatic start of programs when turning on the computer is a convenient function, especially if the users know exactly the list of applications that they use every day on a regular basis. But not all apps are handled the same often, so it makes no sense to add everything that you have on your Mac to the autostart list when you turn on the computer.

It is recommended to monitor the number of flowing utilities that are activated when the computer starts. The more such applications are in your startup register, the more computer resources they spend. On computers with a low performance, it is especially recommended to reduce the number of such applications to a minimum, ie to fix broken startup items. Now let us consider the ways how to do it.



Deleting via manual settings

Go to “System Preferences”, then to the “Users and Groups” section, open the “Login Objects” tab. In this window, you will see those applications that are starting by default when you turn on the computer. To edit this list, you will need to click on the lock icon and enter the password. After that use the “+” and “-” buttons to edit the list, add the in-demand programs and remove extra ones.

Autorun also has another interesting point. You can hide the application when you log in to the system, so they will not be displayed by a startup, and the desktop will remain clean. It helps a lot when you need to send messages because the main menus hang in the background and wait for the beginning of work.

Deleting via special cleaner applications

1.      CleanMyMac

The usage of this cleaning utility is another possibility to regulate programs in startup list. Thanks to the colorful design and simple interface, the work in the program reminds a passing of game quest instead. But the result of “cleaning” is perfect. This utility is the fastest way to remove less important items from the autorun list on your Mac. To do this, you only need to download the application, open it and in the “Extensions” tab, tick off all those programs whose windows you do not want to see in the first minutes immediately after the launch of your poppy. The program includes many useful and exciting functions but for more comprehensive guide about the use of the utility with the purpose of removing startups go to the link

2. Startupizer

With this app, you can much more efficiently manage startup in Mac OS X. You can create your autorun profiles and add to a list only the called-for programs that will run when you start the computer. During the first run of the program, you will need to create a list of applications for which you will configure the startup. The next step, after forming the list in Startupizer will be setting options for running selected applications. There are three of them: depending on the date and time, the hotkey and the power source. Also, you have the opportunity to adjust the time postponing for selected programs.

3. CCleaner

The program works very quickly – automatic optimization will take several seconds. CCleaner allows you to delete unused files in one click, clear temporary folders, browsing history and cookies in the browser, exclude unnecessary items from startup and much more. Disable and uninstall unused programs and services from autorun. CCleaner displays all the programs, although it also can be launched as autoplay. CCleaner is an easy way to bring the work of your operating system to the qualitatively new level, ie easy way to fix the broken startup items.

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