Virtual Independence Day Activities For An Out Of The Box Holiday Celebration

2020 has definitely not been the best year for anyone on Earth. But life goes on and we have to learn how to live according to the new rules. The holiday celebrations won’t be the same again too. The upcoming 4 of July, which is considered to be the biggest holiday for America and its citizens, is one of the holidays we all wait the whole year. But, this year, things will be different. Because of the coronavirus and the social distancing governments have set as one of the measurements in the fight against the COVID-19, we can’t have the traditional Independence Day celebration we are used to. These virtual independence day celebration ideas will help you cope with the situation easily.

The fact that we can’t watch the fireworks holding our loved one’s hands, or having a barbecue party in the garden with the whole family invited, doesn’t mean we are not going to celebrate the holiday at all. Thanks to the Internet and the nifty technological advances, people can still stay connected even when physically distanced. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best virtual ways to celebrate Independence Day with your loved ones.

These out-of-the-box party ideas for the most important day of Americans will help you honor your country in the best way possible. From ingenious ways to break bread together online to virtual tours to historical places in America to online fireworks spectacles, there are so many opportunities to celebrate Independence Day, there are so many things that you can try. Below are listed some of the most creative ones. Get inspired and keep yourselves busy during the holiday.

Hold a Hot Dog-Eating Contest

It’s time to have fun with food, so why don’t you hold a hot dog eating contest? This virtual independence day celebration idea will not only keep you full, but it will make you laugh at the same time.

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Have the Kids Read the Declaration of Independence

This is a wonderful occasion to teach your kids about the declaration of independence!

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Host an Online Patriotic Movie Night

Do you have the habit to often host movie nights? Choose a patriotic theme for the holiday as a way of celebration. I bet that you are going to feel great having a movie night dedicated to your country.

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Don’t Forget the Fireworks

Yes, you can still have the fireworks in your yard, or watch some of them live online.

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Take a Virtual Tour of American Museums and Historical Sites

Are you desperate for some cultural activities? Why don’t you google for some online museum tours? There are surely even some that offer free tours. Virtual tours are a great way to educate yourselves in a time of the pandemic.

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Run a Virtual 5K

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Visit Philly Via Video

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Organize a Picnic Basket Swap

Do you miss your aunt’s special meal? Do you want to share your special recipes with your family and friends? Why don’t you organize a picnic basket swap? You can exchange food and gather together online to celebrate and have some fun time together. Covid 19 doesn’t have to be an obstacle for your gathering. I know that you’d rather have them in your hard close to you, but we can make some sacrifices and get through this stronger and alive. Online meetings are a thing now, so you can have your close and loved ones together on the screens whenever you want.

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Get Your Game On

There are lots of games that can be adapted to the holiday’s spirit. They can be especially fun for your kids, so make a research and find some games that will keep you busy and entertained. I’m sure that they will make this Independence Day memorable in a completely different way.

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Write Your Loved Ones Names With Sparklers

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Aren’t these virtual independence day celebration ideas truly amazing? Have you picked the activities that are going to keep you engaged during this holiday? Despite the pandemic, there are plenty of interesting ways to celebrate and feel the festive vibe. I’d love to hear from you, so make sure you keep me posted in the comments below!

Just because we can’t host big parties, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still do some stunning Independence Day decorations for our gardens, right? Set the tone in your home and yard and have the best time ever despite the situation.

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