Water Damage and Home Warranty

Home warranty plans offer valuable coverage against water-damaged appliances and systems, including appliances that break down due to moisture exposure. When searching for plans with high coverage limits and reasonable service call fee rates, consider getting one with high coverage limits as this will reduce repair expenses significantly.

Your homeowner’s insurance may also cover damage caused by burst pipes, such as damage to drywall and belongings.

Coverage Limits

Home warranty water damage companies typically cover appliances and systems; however, sudden water damage due to flooding or storms typically falls outside their scope of coverage and should instead be covered under homeowner’s insurance policies.

However, the most common sources of water damage to homes – pinhole-sized leaks and slow drips from pipes, incorrectly graded soil, and blocked gutters – can often be remedied without much expense through simple maintenance tasks. Furthermore, labeling shut-off valves and regularly checking appliances and plumbing systems for leaks will greatly decrease your risk of major water intrusion that might necessitate costly contractor repairs.

Overall, we found that Select’s plan limits are higher than most competitors’ – up to $5,000 for individual appliances and $3,000 per system (excluding water damage from storms). AHS also provides generous coverage limits on its plans for system components while American Home Shield includes an elegant smart home video doorbell in its top policy plan.

Coverage for Appliances

Home warranty companies typically provide two forms of protection for appliances: insurance policies and manufacturer’s warranties. Insurance plans provide coverage against accidents like storms or fire, while warranty plans address functional problems caused by normal wear-and-tear. They do offer great savings.

Homeowners should take time to carefully assess each provider’s coverage to see if it meets their needs. Most offer both appliance and system-specific plans, as well as bundle plans with multiple appliances. Many also provide add-ons homeowners can purchase to further tailor their coverage.

Home warranty plans typically offer protection for refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and built-in microwaves; in some instances, these plans also cover clothes washers/dryers/garage door openers/air conditioning units/garage door openers, etc. Companies like Select Home Warranty, Liberty Home Guard, and American Home Shield offer comprehensive appliance coverage at a highly affordable monthly fee – making these companies top choices for protecting against unexpected appliance failure.

Coverage for Water Heaters

Home warranty companies cover the costs associated with repairs or replacement of appliances and systems that become damaged due to regular wear and tear, including water heaters if they rupture and leak. Most home warranties employ highly qualified repair contractors that they dispatch directly to assess any problems on-site before deciding if a repair or replacement is required.

Water damage can be devastating and expensive to repair, making the damage one of the top five causes of family trauma in America. A home warranty plan may help lower repair costs associated with wall repairs, water cleanup, and potential mold issues.

Choice Home Warranty covers most issues that could occur with your water heater and provides a comprehensive warranty covering most parts and components in addition to plumbing systems in your home – making them a go-to provider for those hoping to reduce unexpected water damage costs.

Coverage for Plumbing

When your plumbing breaks down, your home warranty can cover the costs associated with repair or replacement and often includes a small service fee for contractors. This is often much better than having to cover costly repairs out of pocket.

As a rule, it’s advisable to find a plan that covers everything from leaky walls or cabinets to clogged drains, while some companies also provide more extensive protection for sump pumps, septic systems, and high-end fixtures like whirlpool tubs.

One company, American Home Shield, stands out by providing extremely generous home systems coverage with no upper coverage limits – far surpassing other home warranty companies’ averages. You can request a free quote and learn more about their plans here; other providers may have slightly different coverage limits but should still be cost-competitive when it comes to protecting your home systems and appliances from water damage, which can be particularly expensive to repair.

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