What Questions Should I Ask a Video Production Company?

You spend a lot of time sitting with video production companies conversing on how to plan your best story and make a video. And every organization would certainly like to make unique videos in which a story is told differently. During the discussion and planning, there are a few common questions that are usually useful in making a deal with the production company. Here is an inclusive list of important questions you should ask before the shoot.

video production company

What is the Specialized Video Category of the Studio?

You should get complete information about the specialization of the video production company before hiring it. And it is your job to perform a prognostic search whether the company is suitable for your project. Ask them about their experience and area of excellence then compare the data with your concept of the video.

It is beneficial for you if a company also creates innovative ideas, writes story/script, or draw storyboards. Discovering the perfectly suitable video production company that ties up with your project demands solely depends on how you enquire about the company and how you define your concept.

Will the production Time Match the Product Launch?

Make sure to ask for the maximum time for the video production. If they reply “It depends”, that is not the right answer. In professional services time is everything and every project has its timelines. Once you have explained the category of video you want, the video production company must reply with a solid timeline.

Professional video production companies make a detailed timetable before starting any project and erect a step-by-step chart for you also. It not only provides you all the information about the production but also helps you to track the production according to defined time.

Will they Apply Your Concept in Production or not?

Make a brief and comprehensive statement about your production concept and discuss it with the video production company. Then ask them whether they would apply your idea or modify it according to their setup. Another way of thinking, whether they take you as a client or a crew member? Some clients come with a fair amount of experience in video production and they are like studio members for the company.

Participation in the production process is the most effective way to get the required result. Ask them will you be able to partake in the scriptwriting, in the casting choices, or can you appear on set.

What are the Operative Means of Communication During the Production?

Appropriate communication is key in the making of the video project and how the client and production company keep in touch. Some people prefer email, others favor phone calls, while some like to have a project management program. Ask for regular and proper communication during the production of the video.

A favored method should be set early for the communication and it must remain open. This should carry on through each phase of the production, and all your questions about the script revision and storyline should be answered on time.

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