Creative Ways to Add Bacon to Your Favorite Dish


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Bacon is an extremely popular food, but most of the time when it’s utilized it is done so in mundane ways. Everybody loves some strips of bacon on the side of their meal, but there are more creative ways to incorporate bacon into your foods. In fact, you may even be able to add bacon to some of your favorite dishes, adding entirely new layers of flavor.

So what are some creative ways to add bacon to popular dishes, and what dishes can benefit from the addition of bacon?

Bacon Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese is a very common dinner option and is a favorite among children. Despite its popularity, the dish can sometimes be quite bland without a lot of flavors. To spice things up a little bit, sprinkle some bacon bits into your mac and cheese.

The crispiness of the bacon combines well with the gooeyness of the cheese, creating a great combo. Additionally, the bacon adds a new layer of flavor to the dish, something that mac and cheese sometimes needs badly, If you’re looking for a way to infuse flavor into a classic dish, try whipping up some bacon mac and cheese.

Bacon Jam Toast

Toast is a classic breakfast food that many people enjoy. It’s extremely simple to make, yet can still be very tasty. You might think you can only have bacon as a side to your toast, but you can actually add bacon flavors to the toast itself.

Bacon jam is made from bacon that was simmered until spreadable, resulting in a sweet and savory spread. Bacon jam can add a whole new world of flavors to this classic breakfast dish and can be a nice alternative to traditional jams and jellies.

Bacon Pancakes

Bacon and pancakes often go hand-in-hand for breakfast, with bacon often serving as a great complement to pancakes on the side. However, there are ways that you can actually include bacon in your pancake recipe. The result is a savory pancake that is out of this world. The combination of savory flavors from the bacon and the sweetness from the pancakes and syrup is fantastic.

Preparing bacon pancakes is easy, as you simply need to cut bacon into bits and sprinkle them on top of your raw pancake batter. Bacon and pancakes are already a fantastic combo, so why not combine them into one dish?

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

Shrimp is a popular seafood option due to its ease of preparation and great taste. Although serving shrimp alone with your favorite sauce is serviceable, you can do so much more. One of the best ways to complement shrimp is wrapping it in bacon. Not only do the two foods’ tastes play well off each other, but the crispy texture of bacon also goes well with shrimp.

Bacon-wrapped shrimp is a fantastic option if you’re looking to serve a delectable finger food at a party, or you are looking to tide guests over with a tasty appetizer.

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