5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mirror Selfies

Sometimes you have the best makeup, the best outfit, and you have no one to take the picture off you at that moment, so a mirror selfie is what you need. Yes, the Myspace-era photos where the flash took up half the picture did not look good or show that much at all. But these days, you can take the best picture from the comfort of your own home or anywhere there’s a big mirror.

But if you still think your selfie is not that far off from the Myspace era, we have made a list of 5 ways you can improve it. So here is what you can do to improve your selfie game!

#1 Clean Mirror

The first and most important rule is: keep the mirror clean! You can not expect a picture to look nice if it’s covered in fingerprints or makeup stains. So make sure your mirror looks as good as you do! You may look stunning, but if your mirror is not shiny, that’s what everyone will notice first, and not your perfect outfit.

#2 A Cute Phone Case

Just as a mirror is unavoidable on a mirror selfie, the same goes with your phone case. One thing that is featured in a mirror selfie the most is your phone. So throw away that yellowed and old silicone case because not only does it not look aesthetically pleasing, but it’s just not pretty. It’s time to upgrade your accessory game with a cute phone case. By getting a fashionable phone case, you can match your phone with your outfit and make your picture look better and more coherent.

#3 Pose!

A mirror selfie does not mean you have to stand still. Well, you do, but you should not commit to one pose for all your selfies. You shouldn’t always have the same-looking pictures, just with slightly different outfits. Try something new, point your toes, squat down, lean against something, sit on a nice chair – do not just stand in front of a mirror every time.

#4 Clean Up All the Mess!

Just like a dirty mirror, a messy background is a big no-no for a good selfie because it distracts from the one thing that should be the focus, and that’s you. You should be the center of attention in your selfie, not an unmade bed, not some clothes on the floor. So do not let the mess steal your spotlight.

No matter how good you look, you should still take care of the background before taking the photo. Plus, your selfies at home will look better if you play with the background and change it up a little each time!

#5 Find the Right Lighting

The right light is the answer for the best picture. Your mirror selfie will not look stunning if you see only the reflection and not a sharp image. When only shadows come to play, it means that the lighting you have is a no-go. You can play with the light and find the best option for you this way. Go outside with your mirror, play with the sun, get a ring light for your pictures. Or get a lamp with controlled colors. This way, you will always add some edge to your background by adding some red or blue shades. Also, if your light can change from warm to cool light, you can better balance the color scheme for your images.

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