When is the best time to buy a Greenhouse

Thinking of buying a greenhouse? There are definitely more ideal times of the year to purchase and have one installed than others. And also, location can be a factor to a lesser degree. Far northern climates may be difficult to build a nursery if weather makes construction difficult. But, for most climates, January and February are ideal times to purchase and install to be ready for an early spring operation to get a jump on seed starts.

Allow 3 to 4 weeks for construction depending on skill level. March is an ideal time to have starts growing so it is best to plan well ahead so no time is lost in early spring. Also, the previous summer can be an option that will leave you well prepared for the following spring growing season.

Some points to consider when building a planthouse are: size, a kit or original construction, heating, foundation, interiors. These will help determine what kind of greenhouse you purchase.

Choosing a size

The size of your potting shed can be easy to misjudge. It is better to err on the side of a larger, rather than smaller construction. It will be cheaper and you will not find yourself running out of space whereas a smaller glasshouse often won’t accommodate your gardening needs and will be difficult to expand. Also, consideration such as the size of your property will be a factor in the size and style of conservatory you choose to purchase.

Kits or build out

An original construction can be beautiful and feel more solid, but also may lack in the convenience that a kit will afford. Today’s modern kits are well designed and there are many options to satisfy your gardening needs. They are less time consuming than construction. If building a greenhouse from the ground up, make sure to have a well designed plan and all necessary materials whether you decide on wood, aluminum or pvc pipe for the frame. Check local contractors and builders in your area if you are unable to build yourself or would prefer the help of professionals.

Proper heating

Another consideration affected by the timing of purchasing a planthouse is heating. A nursery with no heat in the winter will not make for an ideal growing environment for fragile seedlings. Consider your climate as well. Far south tropical climates may not demand as much heating than other areas. Even at night such climates tend to stay warm enough to forgo artificial heating. Options for heating in other climates can include electric, gas, and propane. Cost will vary depending on location and type of heating.

Laying a foundation

A foundation is not entirely necessary, but there should be some kind of floor, even if it is just packed earth. Concrete is a traditional foundation that is durable and lasting. It will add to cost and construction time, but it does provide a stable base for your arboretum. Make sure to install a drain with concrete foundations. Other options can include pea gravel which provides excellent drainage and pavers that allow for drainage and create a solid flooring. Whatever is chosen, it should be level enough for benches and safety.

Interior structures

Some kits may come with benches and interior accessories. If you are constructing or working with a kit, it will be a good idea to consider design and size of tables and benches you plan to install in your nursery. Make sure they don’t crowd out space to move freely or if you will be using tools like wheelbarrows. Well constructed benches and shelving will make growing easier and increase your surface area to maximize your space for starts and plants.

With proper planning a planthouse can extend the growing season, give you a head start with starts, protect your plants and other benefits. The right time to purchase, design and install a conservatory is not only January and February for the coming spring season, but anytime in summer will work well. This option will allow you to build easily without being rushed for the following spring season as well as allowing you to extend your garden past summer and fall into winter.

There are many options to explore when you decide to purchase a nursery. The rewards are great and will pay off with a bountiful and beautiful garden.


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