Why does Warmer Weather Brings Termites

Unfortunately, humans are not the only creatures that crave the warmth of summer. In fact, most creatures prefer the warmer weather; which is why you see more insects during the summer months.

Interestingly the increase in spiders during summer is actually triggered by the increase in insects; their main food supply. Spiders are one of those creatures that are generally unaffected by the cold.

The termite is a particular issue as their activity rate dramatically increases in the summer months. It’s important to note that they are not inactive during the cooler months; there are just fewer of them around. Speak to your local expert to find out more about how to spot and get rid of them.

The Termite Lifecycle

Termites do not die in cold weather but they do need to maintain a temperature of at least50°F, preferably 75°F. To achieve this they burrow deep underground, sometimes as far as 3 feet into the ground! They will effectively hibernate there until the weather starts to warm up.

As the soil warms they can move closer to the surface, by the summer they’re feeling pretty good about being on the top of the soil and checking out your home. This is when you’re most likely to see them and react by calling your local pest control expert.

Termites Are Not Just A Summer Issue

However, don’t be fooled, termites may appear in the summer from the soil but this is not the only place they live and flourish. They require warmth, moisture, and food. A heated house will offer them warmth, moisture is generally found in the soil and the wood of your building, the same wood that provides them food. This prevents them from having to hibernate deep under the soil. Instead, they can continue to eat your house; without you realizing.

That’s why it is so important that you make yourself aware of the signs of a termite invasion and take steps to prevent or stop it.

Termites get into your foundations by tunneling through the mud around your home. If you see small mud tunnels near your walls then you could have termites. Close a couple of the tunnels; if they re-open or new tunnels appear near them then you have a termite issue. You’ll need expert help to get rid of them.

It’s a good idea to get rid of the soil around your home and replace it with at least a foot of concrete; this will stop the termites from burrowing down to get to your house wood.

It’s also a good idea to keep all wood piles at least 6 foot from your home; these are generally very attractive to termites and will allow them to make the short dash to your home, to check it out. If the woodpile is at least 6 feet from the house they are unlikely to try.

Termites are happy in warm weather but the reality is they operate all year round; you’re just more likely to see them in the warmer months because you’re outside more.

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