10 Smart Command Hook Hacks That Will Help You Keep Your Life In Order

The organizing of our home sometimes could be pretty hard job could take us a lot of time and sure we always need more space and more clever hacks to do this like we want. God invented command hooks so that you will never have to put a hole in your wall again. These cheap-looking plastic hooks may not look like anything special, but they are your best friend when it comes to organization. We are sure that these hacks could help you getting the most things at your home more organized could save your time and money. Take a look what we have chosen for today and enjoy!

1. Use them in your shower to hang up the shampoo rack

cs 1 source

2.Adding Greenery to the RV

cs 2 source

3.Now your toothbrush doesn’t have to lay at the bottom of the drawer

cs 3 source

4.Hold Glasses/Sunglasses

cs 4 source

5.Hang your bathroom towels on the back of the door to dry

cs 5 source

6.Make your own shoe rack with command hooks and a curtain rod

cs 6 source

7.Hide your garbage bag under the sink by hanging it on the cupboard door

cs 7 source

8.Gym Towel Baskets & How to Label Canvas Liners

cr 10 source

9. Keep your laptop safe at night when it’s charging

cr 11 source

10.Measuring Cup Hang-Up

cs 8


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