12 Hot Home Wall art design trends for 2016

Home and then everything is said. The place of living is the most enjoyable place to spend our time relaxed and in a perfect atmosphere. You don’t want never to be bored being at home or some room to get you down. Anytime you should be searching for a good inspiration for introducing refreshes in the house and like in every kind of fashion trends to follow the latest newness in home design and interior, and of course if you like something to bring in somewhere in your home. Cause people are looking for new ways to spice up the home that is why the design fanatics regularly are investing in new approaches and interior design styles. In that way are becoming very popular and interesting among the audience the wall art trends and wallpaper new lines of blueprints. A bit of bold pattern, boho way, colorful stripes, industrial and rustic motives, mirrors or panels, vintage effects or wood, or maybe self designed printings, are just few of the new contours of trending means of wallpapers, that helps to emphasis the walls and input  energy into your home. Scroll down to see the 12 of the hottest home wall art design trends for 2016 and choose which direction to take.

1.Eccentric Maps Decoration

home decor 1source

2. Add some  pizzaz to your kitchen or bath

home decor 2source

3. Boho style

home decor 3source

4. Bookshelf wallpaper

homedecor 4source

5. Retro vintage inspiration

homedecor 5source

6. Stripped Walls

homedecor 6source

7. Black perfection and simplicity

homdecor 7source

8. A  Jali Inspired Screen Pattern

homedecor 8source

9. Mirrored wall conceals

home decor 9source

10. Divided wall art

homedecor 10source

11. Use upholstered panels

homedecor 11source

12. Introduce Rustic reclaimed wood

homedecor 12source



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