12 Genius, The Most Awesome Innovations That Appeared This Year

Practically there are thousands of innovations this year and all of them are amazing and made our life easier. It is hard to find what is more useful and more practical but we have made one cool list with the most impressive innovation that maybe you will love.
Take a look at the list below and tell us in the comment whouck one is your favorite. Enjoy!

The Transparent Truck

vs 1 source

Power Pasta

vs 2 source

The app that can lock your front door

vs 3 source

’Sproutling’ Baby Monitor

vs 4 source

The ‘Hoverboard’ Scooter

vs 5 source

Microsoft HoloLens

vs 6 source

The Pan that teaches you to cook

vs 7 source

The Ocean Vacuum

vs 8 source

The chip which stops you slouching

vs 9 source

Smart Ears

vs 10 source

The device which stops you snoring

vs 11 source

The plant pot which grows along with your plant

vs 12 source

The toy that talks back

vs 13 source

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