14 Popular Bicycle Brands For Stylish Riding

Summertime and hot warm days are ideal for using this alternative transport and for fun activity that fill us with happiness and positive energy.  Cycling is an excellent kind of sport activity that can be practiced alone or in company.  It is healthy exercise for our body that doesn’t require much effort, and in the same time burn calories, shape your muscles and most important speedily take us to the desired destination. Whether you want to keep in form, to maintain fitness, take care to health or the environment, be practical and economical, or simply enjoy it and reduce stress , cycling should be definitely your choice of doing things you will ever make!  Nowadays there is such a huge selection of bicycle brands on the market, there is something for everybody.  There is different kind of bicycles depending on what type of biking you do. Everyone has own ideal and preferred type of bike. When you are in a search of new bicycle, try to gather enough information about your needs that will appropriately meet your requirements.  In this way we’ve compiled a list of 14  bike types and popular bicycle brands for stylish ridding to opt from.

1.Sonnet Bliss

bicycle 1source

2. Simple three W by Giant

bicycle 2source

3.Heritage  Bicycles

bicycle 3source

4. Velorbis-The scrap deluxe

bicycle 4source

5. Vanhulsteijn unisex single-speed stainless

bicycle 5source

6. Tube Rider

bicycle 6source

7. Shinola  women’s Bixby cruiser

bicycle 7source

8. Yellow road-machine

bicycle 8source

9. Electra Townie Balloon 7D women’s bike

bicycle 9source

10. Sidor Elegant city-bike

bicycle 10source

11. The Fiancé

bicycle 11source

12. Women’s road bike

bicycle 12source

13.Orange women’s cruiser

bicycle 13source

14. The Dama Bianca Via Nirone

bicycle 14source


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