15 Top Motives That Will Inspire You To Visit Berlin This Season

The satisfaction that each of us reach through traveling around the world could not be easily described with words and photos.  There’s something fulfilling about being able to see different places, diverse nationalities and meet various friendly people. Travel is full of moment of joyfulness and challenges.  There are numerous and endless places that are waiting to be visited and there are tons of grounds why you should choose to visit Berlin for your trip destination this season.  The most liberal capital city of Europe, the German metropolis, Berlin is filled with thrilling appeals and an extensive assortment of things to do. It’s magnificent, beautiful and brilliant kind of city.  Berlin has everything.   If you like history, Berlin is the right place to be, offering big part of the east European history. Couple of breathtaking museums, great exquisite parks that associate the city as one of the greenest city in Europe, variety of tastefully food, impressive monuments that should not be missed when visiting Berlin, thrilling nightlife, great shops and markets make this city so wonderful.  City that never sleep and with incredible energy and goings-on.  Look bellows what we pick out to inspire you as top motives to visit Berlin in your next destination.

1.Behold the majestic Brandenburg Gate

berlin 1source

2. See Berlin from it highest point

berlin 2source

3.Discover the island in the Spree river

Museum Island in Berlin.source

4.The Berlin Wall – Symbol of the Cold War

berlin 4source

5. Visit The Holocaust Memorial construction

berlin 5source

6. Relax at Sony Center

berlin 6source

7. The vibe of Berlin is on the streets

berlin 7source

8. Peruse Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

berlin 8source

9.Must-visit attraction Berlin Zoo

berlin 9source

10.Discover an older Berlin at Charlottenburg gardens

berlin 10source

11.Walk inside the glass dome of the German Reichstag parliament building

berlin 11source

12. Enjoy in the  center for vintage cars

berlin 12source

13. Meet the ‘the tall woman ‘

berlin 13source

14. The defining symbol of the Cold War

berlin 14source

15. The clock of flowing time

berlin 15source

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