16 Funny Cats That Resemble Other Things

I love cats they are so lovely animals and always melt my heart. They love to play around your home and sometimes they can make a completely mess but still are lovely and cute animals that always make my day. Could you image that the cats can be hilariously funny and they can resemble other things?
Below we are sharing with you super cool and hilarious collection of photos with funny cats that will make you smile. From a cat that looks like scary Hitler to one which looks like the beautiful Maleficent, all this can be seen in this funny photos below. Take a look and enjoy!

1.Fluffy white cat resembles a purse keychain toy

dmm 1source

2.Precious foxy kitty looks like a pin up star

dmm 2source

3.This cat figured out how to get the ladies

dmm 3source

4.He’ll do anything to be Leo

dmm 4 source

5.Roasted Chicken

dmm 5 source

6.A Toothless lookalike

dmm 6 source

7.White Kitty looks just like Dobby from Harry Potter

dmm 7 source


dmm 8 source

9.Hamilton and Salvador Dali are both pretty hip

dmm 9 source

1o.Just as grumpy as Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda

dmm 10 source

11.Look out!

dmm 11 source

12.Myth confirmed

dmm 12 source

13.Mr Burns Kitty

dmm 13 source


dmm 14 source

15.The Hitler Cat

dmm 15 source

16.Einstein Cat

dmm 16 source

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