16 Stunning And Unique DIY Rustic Log Decorating Ideas for Home and Garden

Hey, friends! Once again we are sharing with you a few inspirational DIY rustic log decorating ideas about refreshing your home with some warming decorative objects. If you are a fan of the rustic style and if you like to make a stunning and easy decoration for your home and garden then you shouldn’t miss the most amazing inspirations.

What’s more important, to make the projects below you may already have the needed materials in your backyard. Also, we want to let you know that working and creating all these things is fun and we are sure that you will like them. Turn a bunch of logs into furniture pieces such as tables, lounges, chairs, or home decorations as wood floors, wood walls, candle holders, vases, coat hook,s, and wooden lamps, and more. Think even about outdoor fountains, planters, and more. Find your lovely inspiration here and enjoy your beautiful decorations!

1.Outdoor DIY Rustic Log Decorating Ideas

tree logs ideas source

2.How to Create a Natural Log Pathway

You can create such wonderful landscaping for your yard by using logs in so many different ways. Log pathways are my favorite! Make a careful plan and pull up your sleeves to make your yard your favorite spot in your home.

diy log projects

how to make decorative logssource

3.My Really Cool Feeder

Has it ever occurred to you that you can turn a simple piece of log into a bird feeder? Put food for the birds there and they will become regular guests in your backyard.

 how to make decorative logs source

4. Flower DIY Rustic Log Decorating Ideas

You don’t always have to rush to the stores to buy planters especially if you have embraced the rustic style in your yard. Get a wider log and make a planter out of it. The DIY rustic log decorating ideas will look spectacular when filled in with blooming flowers!

log slice ideas source

5.DIY Decorative Log Bench

Don’t you just love when you see a cute decorative log bench in a yard? Don’t wait anymore and make one for your yard. It won’t take you much time and yet it will keep you productive, active, and happy. These DIY projects are amazing for the times when you are feeling bored.

diy rustic outdoor decor source

6.”M” is for Mirror

DIY rustic log decorating ideas for your home source

7.How to Make Wood Slice Art

diy rustic log decorating ideas


8.Tree Branch Coat Rack

easy DIY rustic log decorating ideas source

9.Ferm Living Stem Vases

DIY log planters source

10.Branch Doormat

DIY log floor mat source

11.Rustic Log Slice Table

Do you miss a side table in your home but you are not feeling like spending money on one at the moment? Why don’t you think about reusing materials that you already have to make it on your own? The rustic log slice table looks adorable? I’m sure that will effortlessly fit in any room of your home.

indoor DIY rustic log decorating ideas source

12. Coffee Table DIY Rustic Log Decorating Ideas

Different types of trees will give you a different look of your DIY log projects. Take a look around your home to find the matching hue. Birch is usually lighter in color. I simply love this DIY coffee table which is not hard to recreate. Are you already thinking about getting the necessary materials and making it?

birch coffee table source

13 End Grain Wood Flooring

There are certainly some projects that require more professional work, more attention to detail, and time. This rustic wood flooring looks spectacular, don’t you think?

eye-catching DIY rustic log decorating ideassource

14.Fointain DIY Rustic Log Decorating Ideas

Water and wood when combined together look fabulous. What do you say about making a rustic fountain for your yard?

DIY rustic log decorating ideas for your yardsource

15. Birch Wall Panel

Is there an empty wall in your home that requires a little bit of attention? Any empty wall in your home will get an interest once you create these log wall panels. The room will instantly get a warmer and welcoming ambiance, so don’t hesitate to do it.

DIY birch wall panelsource

16.Glow in the Dark Log stools

DIY rustic log decorating ideassource

Have you managed to pick some designs that you would want to recreate in your yard and home? I’d love to hear from you, so make sure you keep me posted in the comments below!

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