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16 Stunning And Unique DIY Rustic Log Decorating Ideas for Home and Garden


Hey friends once more we are sharing with you a few inspirational DIY ideas about decorating in your home. If you like rustic style and if you like to make stunning and easy decoration for your home and garden that you are welcome here to find the most amazing inspirations. For creating the most if the presets projects below you already have materials in your backyard. Also we want to let you know that the working and creating all this thing are full with fun and we are sure that you will like it. Turn a bunch of logs into furniture such as table, lounge, chair or home decorations as wood floor, wood wall, candle holders, vases, coat hook and wooden lamps and more even outdoor fountains, planters and more. Find your lovely inspiration and enjoy!

1.Natural Outdoor Chairs and Table

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2.How to Create a Natural Log Pathway

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3.My Really Cool Feeder

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4.Making a Log Planter for Flowers

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5.DIY Decorative Log Bench

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6.”M” is for Mirror

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7.How to Make Wood Slice Art

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8.Tree Branch Coat Rack

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9.Ferm Living Stem Vases

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10.Branch Doormat

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11.Rustic Log Slice Table

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12.Build a Birch-Log Coffee Table

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13 End Grain Wood Flooring


14.Log Fountain


15. Birch Wall Panel


16.Glow in the Dark Log stools