20 Alluring Places To See Before You Die

Humans have transformed Earth beyond recovery, but luckily not everything is lost yet. Beautiful mountains, blue water lakes, magnificent oceans with fabulous islands – our planet has many alluring places and awe-inspiring sceneries  just waiting for you to discover them. Most people like to travel and get to know new countries, wherever they are on our planet. The desire to get to know new countries, cultures, enjoy nature and beautiful cities, is common to almost all of us, and every country has something beautiful to offer. However, some countries are still the most popular among travelers and attract the largest number of guests every year.

Our world is an amazing place! Many countries, different nature, very special people – every time we discover the world in a new way, despite the fact that maybe we travel to the same country several times a year. Our team has set itself the goal of discovering for you those places that we love and appreciate and to which we travel with pleasure. Again and again. We decided to write an informative article for you and list the TOP 20 places that, according to our active recreation club, you should definitely go to! There are so many wonderful places in the world that I would love to visit. But even if a man had ten lives, he would hardly have time to visit everywhere. So you have to choose.

Alluring Places Worldwide

Everyone knows that extremely uncomfortable feeling when you have nothing to choose from, but you won’t feel any better when you have to choose between a large number of equally amazing options. Well, this article will make your choice easier – here is a list of twenty countries you must visit in your lifetime. While you’re young, it’s time to travel! After all, then you have to build a career, raise a family, educate children, help parents in the garden on weekends and much more – more before the trip! But youth is what you need! Today we will tell you about twenty places that you should have time to visit before you turn forty.

The most beautiful places in the world have always attracted millions of tourists. Whether it’s high mountains or endless valleys, huge seas or historical buildings. The sights of planet Earth is an endless and exciting journey. We have prepared the first 20 most alluring places in the world. Check them, discuss and share your conclusion on social networks with your friends!


1. Antelope Canyon, USA

amazing-places-antelope-canyon-1 amazing-places-antelope-canyon-2 amazing-places-antelope-canyon-3

2. Carerra Lake

amazing-places-antelope-carreira-1 amazing-places-antelope-carreira-2

3. Moraine Lake, Canada

amazing-places-antelope-moraine-lake-1 amazing-places-antelope-moraine-lake-2

4. Pamukkale, Turkey

amazing-places-antelope-pamukkale-1 amazing-places-antelope-pamukkale-2 amazing-places-antelope-pamukkale-3 amazing-places-antelope-pamukkale-4

 5.Berry Head Arch, Canada


6. Bora Bora Island

amazing-places-bora-bora-1 amazing-places-bora-bora-2 amazing-places-bora-bora-3

7. Grand Canyon, USA

amazing-places-grand-canyon-1 amazing-places-grand-canyon-2

8. Iceland

amazing-places-iceland-1 amazing-places-iceland-2 amazing-places-iceland-3 amazing-places-iceland-4 amazing-places-iceland-5

9.The Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

amazing-places-ko-phi-phi-1 amazing-places-ko-phi-phi-2 amazing-places-ko-phi-phi-3 amazing-places-ko-phi-phi-4

10. Machu Picchu, Peru

amazing-places-machu-picchu-1 amazing-places-machu-picchu-2 amazing-places-machu-picchu-4

11. Maldive Islands

amazing-places-maldives-1 amazing-places-maldives-2 amazing-places-maldives-3 amazing-places-maldives-4

 12. Monument Valley, USA

amazing-places-monument-valley-1 amazing-places-monument-valley-2 amazing-places-monument-valley-3 amazing-places-monument-valley-4

13. The Cave of Crystals, Naica Mine, Mexico

amazing-places-naica-mine-1 amazing-places-naica-mine-2

14. Petra, Jordan

amazing-places-petra-1 amazing-places-petra-2 amazing-places-petra-3

15. Plitvice, Croatia

amazing-places-plitvice-1 amazing-places-plitvice-2

16. Preikestolen, Norway

amazing-places-preikestolen-1 amazing-places-preikestolen-2

17. Santorini, Greece

amazing-places-santorini-1 amazing-places-santorini-2 amazing-places-santorini-3 amazing-places-santorini-4

18. Socotra Island, Yemen

amazing-places-socotra-1 amazing-places-socotra-2 amazing-places-socotra-3 amazing-places-socotra-4 amazing-places-socotra-5

19. The Great Wall of China

amazing-places-the-great-wall-china-1 amazing-places-the-great-wall-china-2

20. The Wave, Arizona, USA

amazing-places-wave-arizona-1 amazing-places-wave-arizona-2 amazing-places-wave-arizona-3

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