2019 is the time to blog! Here are 5 reasons why.

It’s 2019 and people’s spans are at an all-time short and the love of social media continues to increase, which have made some people wonder if blogging is still a good choice. We’ll say YES, but give you actual reasons why:

You will be everywhere your audience is

The digital ecosystem continues to expand, so too does people’s expectations of the businesses they use. They look to reach brands on whatever channel they want, at whatever time. Social sites are typically the most popular way consumers interact, yet blogs are still the go-to when they want to do some deep dive research about products and services.

Consumers who make difficult purchase decisions like buying a car or subscribing to long-term service will want to do a lot of research before buying; and the blog is the right place to host useful content. Partnering with influencers will also add credibility while saving time on content creation.

Your blog will compliment your social channels

Blog and social channels co-exist and benefit from each other. For example, trending topics being discussed on social can be expanded on in articles on the blog. Equally, blog content can be summarized into bite-sized pieces for use on diverse channels. You can also share snippets of content on social, which will act as a teaser/s to the long form pieces on the blog, or reformat and create customized content for those channels. Social channels always need fresh content, so disseminating articles, infographics and interviews from your blog will make for great fillers in this space. There are always good writing services around the net such as Studyclerk.com that can help you with the content.

It provides credibility

Blogs that offer value to consumers provide you credibility. For B2B models, they serve as a thought-leader mechanism as well as a way of showing authority and understanding in their sector. For B2C models, they are beneficial for showing consumer trends and at the same time discussing trending issues.

Blogs add value to any transaction

Using your blog as a content marketing tool is effective since you add value and offer exchange between you and the consumer. People/readers exchange their time or even their sharing prowess, for high quality, educational, informative or entertaining content. If you offer something away for free, you may also be rewarded by returning customers or readers.

It boosts SEO potential

Content marketers understand that blogs need to serve the audience first, and the machine second. The blog, in any case, is still an effective way to assist your business in ranking well from an SEO standpoint. Regardless, this shouldn’t be an excuse for stuffing keywords since the content has to serve/please the reader first. Doing this will make the blog more successful on Google as well.

The takeaway is this – blogging is still a major marketing tool that you can use to boost your businesses’ sale or reach more people if you’re promoting an idea or a cause. You can kickstart your own blog site through domain name search and register via websites like Crazy Domains, which also offers web development and DIY site builder. It helps to build and host your new site in with a single provider to make everything cohesive and manageable.

Start 2019 right and get your own blog. Best of luck!

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