3 Caution Tips for Whistle-Blowers to Protect Their Anonymity

In this digital age, journalists and investigators are not the only people who uncover the truth to fight injustice; everyday people like you and I do it too. This mostly happens when a person working in a big organization finds out that they are doing something immoral, which must be brought to the attention of authorities and the public.

Such people are referred to as whistleblowers, and while they need to expose the company, they must do it from under cover of anonymity. This means using a safe computer and a discreet platform that posts anonymous content. Here are a few caution tips a whistleblower must follow to protect their anonymity:

Don’t Leave a Trace Behind

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are not leaving any trace behind on your office computer. They can track your activity on that computer and can check the log of your files as well. They can also monitor your social media and email accounts and can track your IP address too. That is why you must transfer the required files safely. You must also use your personal laptop and a discreet platform when you are ready to upload that critical information on the web.

Use a Safe Phone

Your phone is another thing that can also put you at risk. Especially if it’s a phone that was provided to you by your company. Not only will they be able to track your location through GPS that way, but there is a chance your calls might be getting recorded too. Just to be cautious, make sure that if you are contacting someone about the whistleblowing case, then you better do it from a secure phone.

Don’t Use Office Devices

Whether it is solid proof or supporting evidence, if you need to take away a piece of document from the workplace, then make sure to do it safely. If you print it on the job with the help of your office printer, then you are making a mistake. Printers and scanners can save the timestamp and the info of the document, and it can lead back to you easily. Similarly, if you want to make photocopies, do not do it there. Instead, use a mobile app and scan the document simply in seconds.

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