4 Ways to Stay Better Hydrated on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Are you an outdoor adventure person? There is a lot to be said about outdoor activities. From the foliage to the sights and sounds, nothing can compare. And now, with the arid climate becoming more common in many parts of the world, you also have to worry about your hydration levels.

Stay Hydrated on Outdoor Adventure

Staying hydrated while on outdoor adventures is crucial for three reasons.

  • It will ensure that you have full mental alertness and can concentrate.
  • It will ensure that you have regulated body temperature, so you don’t suffer heat stroke or hypothermia.
  • It will ensure you have enough energy to continue your outdoor endeavor.

But how do you stay hydrated while on an outdoor adventure? Well, here are four ways.

Carry enough water with you

Water is crucial on an adventure. As such, you must carry enough water with you. This can be in bottles, canteens, or hollowed-out logs for gathering water along the way. In addition, you should also have a reliable means of filtering water.

Water filters, like those from Self Reliance Outfitters, allow you to filter water from natural sources. This helps clean up the water and make it more drinkable. It is also a great alternative to carrying bottles or pouches of water, with all their bulk and weight.

Drink plenty of water beforehand

One of the things that can hinder your hydration levels is not drinking enough water before you head out for an outdoor adventure. This means you must ensure you drink plenty of water before heading out. This will ensure that the water you drink is suitable for your body.

If you are feeling a little hungry, then make sure you eat before your outdoor adventure. The extra energy you’ll get from eating will help to ensure your body is functioning at its peak. This way, the water you drink will be more effective.

Carry enough fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are another effective way to stay hydrated outdoors. Several fruits such as apples, oranges, and carrots are the best thing you can give yourself.

You can fill a bag with fruit and stick it in your backpack. You can then take your fruits out from time to time and eat them. This will give you a good dose of energy and hydration. You’ll also get crucial nutrients that help your body run smoothly.

Wear sunscreen

While many outdoors persons spend hours in the sun, they often don’t remember to wear sunscreen. This can be a mistake for two reasons, you’ll be exposed to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, and you won’t be able to stay hydrated properly.

Wearing sunscreen is a great way to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays. It will also ensure that your body doesn’t suffer heat stroke or hypothermia. And when you wear it, you can stay hydrated more effectively because your body will remain cooler.

To sum up

Staying hydrated is an integral part of your outdoor experience. Ensure you drink plenty of water beforehand, carry water filters, and eat before heading out. Also, wear sunscreens and carry fruits to keep yourself hydrated during outdoor adventures.

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