40 Absolutely Amazing Living Room Designs

The living room is the most commonly used room in homes. Depending on the size, it often has the same or similar elements in every home. But the look and functionality are unique for every home. This gallery may inspire you to bring freshness to your home and make it a little different. Amazing living room can be designed even with a simple change of furniture or the layout.

Before you start decorating your amazing living room, it will seem to you that it is an impossible mission. To set up a multifunctional living room in which all the elements are harmoniously mixed, indeed, it is not so easy. Everyone wants amazing living room, in the design according to your personality. Here should have a place for socializing, relaxation, mini cinema, maybe even a desk and occasional dining room. But if you have a long, narrow living room or a square living room, it will be more challenging. Keep in mind that its functionality should be on a first place. Consult with proffesionalist, if you are in doubt for some solution.

Plants and colors in the living room

You need to add a life to your living room. It can be achieved with adding vivid colors, plants, herbs, etc… Vivid colors in monochromatic or pastel interiors, are always great idea. They will break the monotony and will refresh your living space. Plants and herbs also will completely change the look of the space. Feel free to add more or of them or a few with larger dimensions.

Decorating a small living space

In general, when working with small spaces, you should pay close attention to the colors you use. A well-chosen color palette, can visually expand a small room and, in addition, will make it look brighter. Light colors can visually enlarge the space, while dark ones, can close the space.

Therefore, the ceiling that is too short must always be painted white or a light neutral shade, for example. Rely on monochrome light neutral shades (white, cream white, beige, light gray). When it comes to the design, Scandinavian, minimalist, industrial, rustic and contemporary decor, are ideal for small living room. Avoid any color scheme that consists of more than four colors. It will help not to close the space.

When choosing between a multifunctional piece of furniture and a one-of-a-kind furniture, always choose the first one. Sofa bed with storage space, work desk with side shelves, ottoman that can be used both as a table and as a chair, etc… These clever designs will help you save valuable space and even save a money.















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