5 Things To Know About Buying Bollards

You’ve definitely seen them in buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, and many other places. Bollards are an essential feature set up to enhance safety, control traffic, and to encourage orderly movement in an area or space.

If you have an interest in acquiring bollards for your space, here are 5 important things you really need to be aware of when making a purchase of them:

  1. Know The Different Types Of Bollards On Sale

There are different types of bollards available in the market and they all serve different purposes. These include the Removable Bollards, the Permanent Bollards, Automatic Bollards, Retractable Bollards, Flexible Plastic Bollards, and Decorative Bollards.

Each of these bollards serves the purpose of enhancing safety but are each different in terms of how they are installed and how they function in a space

  1. Bollards Come In Different Sizes

Bollards are available for purchase in different diameters and heights. Your selection of the bollard size will be dependent on your ideal spot of installation. If, say, the main source of traffic in your area is large trucks, it will be a wise decision to install taller bollards. For a parking lot space, shorter bollards will come in handy.

It’s advisable to talk with the vendor selling the bollards to you and describe the space and the nature of the surrounding where you would want them installed. The vendor will then be able to advise you on which bollard size is best to install in your space.

  1. Find Out If They Are Rust-Proof

Buying bollards is a once in a lifetime purchase. It’s a buying decision that you make once and hope to last you for decades. As such, the durability of the bollard you buy is a key option to consider. One of the main things that a threat to bollards is rust.

When making your purchase, you need to find out from the vendor the measures set in place to preserve the bollard from rusting. Find out if there is any rust and corrosion resistant product used to coat the bollards and also ascertain whether they will be able to perform effectively in seasons with heavy rain and snow downfall like winter without getting any corrosion.

  1. Decide Whether You Need Removable Or Non-Removable Bollards

Your area or space needs will determine whether you need the bollards permanently or temporarily placed. There are two main bollard options available; the lock and non-lock options. Non-lock options have drop-in and twist-in configurations and are mainly used inside buildings to prevent vehicle traffic.

Lock options are more ideal for outdoor scenes where everyone can easily see the bollards. You can choose the padlock system that will be more ideal for you in this option.

  1. You Need To Buy From The Right Dealer

There are many vendors out there selling bollards. Some sell quality while others sell trash. It’s important that you outsource the right dealer to buy from. What would be advantageous to you would be to buy directly from a fabricator who makes the bollards.

A fabricator will be able to custom make a bollard for you as per your preferences, handle all the logistics of delivering them to you, and even do the installation for you. You can’t go wrong with such a dealer.


With that said, you can now proceed to make an informed purchase of bollards.

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