5 Tips to buying a wine refrigerator

You may have heard a lot of theories about the proper way to consume wine. Namely, about how to combine it with certain foods and at what temperature it should be kept at. The truth is that the ”best” way to drink it is however you prefer it the most. Every person has different tastes and different customs, so, the best, although not necessarily the “correct” way to drink wine varies depending on the individual drinking it. However, trying other, maybe more proper, ways is definitely worth a go. One of the most popular ways to drink a good wine is to chill it a little bit before you open the bottle and for that, you will need a good wine refrigerator. Don’t own one? No worries, they are available in most home goods  and department stores. Here are some tips for picking one out:


  • Size: The perfect size refrigerator will be determined by the size of the bottles in your collection and by the size of your collection itself. Pick a fridge that will be practical to keep all necessary bottles chilled and also consider the space that you have at home for this purchase. Also consider the amount of electricity you want to use as obviously, a larger one will, in most cases, use more.


  • Power saving: Remember that this is another appliance added to your home or restaurant, so it will be running all the time. Fortunately, power saving appliances are trendy and wine refrigerators are no exception.  Pick one with a power inverter, as it will be the best for saving power and will help you to avoid increasing your power bill by much.


  • The Brand: Many brands offer a variety of different models of wine refrigerators. Fortunately, with many options comes lots of consumer information about each one of them. You may find this wine refrigerator buying guide useful to read about all the features and specs that each one offers. This along with trying to get some user experience feedback are the best ways to find the ideal wine refrigerator for you


  • Illumination: This definitely may not be something most people think about but light can affect the taste of wine. Additionally, being exposed to UV light can change the properties of the wine. That is why some wineries prefer to put their product in dark bottles, even when this hasn’t been totally proven. If you want to prevent UV exposure “just in case”, pick one that has a full metallic door or a tinted glass door.


  • Cooling method: There are two options when it comes to how wine refrigerators actually keep your wine cool. The first one is via thermoelectric cooling, which is very convenient for reduced spaces, since the devices don’t make noise or produce vibration. These refrigerators do not have a compressor, they just eliminate hot air from the inside and that is how they cool your wine bottles. However, you would have to find a large enough space for it because they require good airspace to have proper  ventilation. On the other hand, there is the compressor cooling system. Which, as its name implies, involves a compressor that is usually a bit noisy. This is just like your regular refrigerator. It uses more energy but this cooling system is great for long-term storage and cooling.
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