5 Tips to buying property

When buying a property ensure that you have searched enough until you find the one you have been dreaming of. While most people are concerned about their immediate property needs, experts like Century 21 Doug Anderson say that it is essential that you buy while thinking of the future. In particular, investing in a rental property is a smart decision for a person who has the mind of increasing income and building wealth. If you are thinking of buying a property and you don’t know where to start, take a look at the tips below.

  • Consult a property attorney. When buying a property, seeking a property lawyer is one of the essential parts of the process. A good lawyer will give you solid legal advice as well as an alert to severe problems such as strata management clauses and fees, illegal ownership and fake title deeds, illegal building or even renovations requirements. A property facing these problems, literally its sale falls through. Also, to protect your interests, your representative will review the sales contract and the mortgage agreement.


  • Hire buying assistance. Buying a property from the owner can be a great deal. However, if you are not familiar with negotiations or negotiating settlements terms, making sales offer, purchasing through a reputable buyer agent is the best option. A professional real estate agent will provide useful guidance that can help you evade pitfalls when buying property.


  • Understand the mortgage market. Before making an offer on a property, it is essential you know your borrowing power. Determining how much you are likely to borrow can be done by talking to different lenders, reviewing interest rates and investigating potential product add-ons. Leave alone your borrowing ability, putting the costs and your ability to manage mortgage repayments into consideration is very important. Always be ahead of the buying pack by acquiring a loan pre-approval.


  • Determine the value of the property. Having an accurate property valuation will maintain the property’s sales. It also helps you avoid precarious situations if your chosen lender values the property at a lower than what you paid, or if you are buying at auction. With an accurate valuation, you will only borrow what you have budgeted for. If you are sourcing your valuation it is essential you use an accredited valuer. You can also visit sites such as https://www.thepattisallgroup.com/ to search for properties which are within your budget.


  • Inspect the property thoroughly. If you are interested in buying a property, you need to do property inspection on your own. After that, organize a professional building inspection to check if the house has structural defects, plumbing and wiring issues, or even pest infections. Thinking about the potential problems of a home should go hand in hand with your emotional response to the house.  A property with fewer problems is the best to buy since you will incur low or no renovation costs.

When searching for property, it is essential you have the latest property tools such as mobile property apps and the most recent market reports on real estate.

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