5 Types of Hibiscus To Plant in Your Garden

Whether you already have a garden or are just starting to plan one, a hibiscus plant is a perfect addition. This gorgeous flower has bright, showy blooms contrasted with deep green or purple foliage.

The diverse variety of hibiscus plants make them a popular flower in almost any geographic location. You can find annuals, perennials, tropical, cold-weather resistant, and small or large types.

In warmer areas, Australian native plants like the hibiscus are easy to grow. And in cooler areas, you’ll find multiple varieties that can withstand the blustery winters.

What kind of hibiscus will you plant in your garden? Here are five kinds that are considered the most attractive and resilient.

Narrowing Down Your Hibiscus Garden

Did you know that the bright colors and flavor of a hibiscus plant can attract hummingbirds to your yard? It’s one of the few things that this fragile but fast bird considers a delicacy.

Feed the birds and enjoy the view with one or all of these five hibiscus varieties:

  1. Berry Awesome – In 2019, this plant was awarded the Proven Winners Perennial of the Year. The ruffled blooms grow to an impressive seven or eight inches. The “berry” part of the name is due to the bright pink petals surrounding a crimson middle and contrasted with deep green foliage. Berry Awesome hibiscus typically bloom from July to September, and the shrubs can get up to four feet tall and wide when they mature.
  2. Blush – On the opposite end of the pink spectrum is the Blush bush. The blooms are a soft pink and spread to six to ten inches. But the whole flower isn’t as shy and delicate as it seems. The deep red-eye in the middle boldly showcases the petals and blends with the dark red foliage from summer to fall. At maturity, the Blush plant will grow to two-to-three feet high and three to four feet wide.
  3. Cranberry Crush – Bold red, ruffled flowers make the Cranberry Crush hibiscus stand out from the crowd. Even more dramatic are the nearly black buds that encase the petals. With bright green foliage interspersed with veins of purple, the blooms add a vivid flair to any garden. The shrubs can grow up to four feet high and spread to about five feet wide, and the blooms last from the middle of summer into fall.
  4. Luna Pink Swirl – If you want something different to make a statement in your garden, try the Luna Pink Swirl. The blooms’ picotee patterns turn a light pink outer rim into a gently faded soft, creamy white. The eye is bright red in the midst of the six-to-eight-inch bloom. It’s a smaller bush, growing to no more than three feet high and wide, enjoy from summer to fall.
  5. Aphrodite – A unique hibiscus plant, the Aphrodite variety grows to an impressive ten feet high and eight feet wide. The dark red eye is more star-shaped than circular, and the green foliage surrounds a soft pink petal. The plant thrives midsummer to late fall.

Whichever hibiscus plant you pick for your garden, you’ll have a gorgeous, easy-to-care-for shrub decorating your yard. Don’t stop there, though! Once you’re hooked on the fragrant blooms, you’ll want all of these varieties somewhere around your home.

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