5 Ways to Create a Healthy Living Home

Improve your health and well-being following our expert advice.

Caring about your health and overall well-being is of utmost importance and should be your number one priority.

When we decide to improve our health we tend to concentrate on our bodies rather than the environment surrounding us. However, our home is a place where we spend a great deal if not most of our time, and this means that making it healthier is essential.

It could be filtering your household water and making it safe for drinking, or decluttering your space, or using an air purifier.

Being mindful about our living space will lead towards improved health – both physical and mental.

healthy living home

1. Water Treatment

Water is an inseparable part of our daily life but drinking it straight out of the tap might harm your health due to it containing a considerable amount of contaminants potentially resulting in cancer or other diseases.

To become aware of what your drinking water consists of and what that means for you, you can take a look at this comprehensive database and find full information on tap water utility testing across the U.S.

Once you know what travels through the miles of pipeline of your water system, you can effectively combat harmful water contaminants by applying the right treatment. In order to do so, we recommend visiting Water Masterz which provides the ultimate guidance on the topic, discussing the best home water treatment solutions such as water filters, water softeners with honest product reviews and buyer’s guides.

If you are not sure where to start your journey to healthy living, you should opt for water filtration first as one of the easiest ways to sustain your health and maintain the quality of your life without putting too much effort into the process.

2. Air Purifiers and Air Filters

In accordance with the World Health Organization, air pollution is considered to be one of the world’s top threats to public health and the cause of 4.2 million deaths each year. Elevating the quality of air you breathe in your home on a daily basis can be a significant improvement and crucial in order to create a healthy hoem environment.

Scientists have proven that breathing polluted air is to the detriment of not only your physical health but also inevitably affects your psychological well-being.

Air purifiers and air filters are amongst the most efficient ways to get rid of pollutants, airborne allergens, dust, and diverse toxins. By sanitizing particles and removing toxins from the air, air purifiers combined with air filters might ultimately result in fewer issues with allergies and even prevent asthma.

3. Organic and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Today, eco-friendly products are trending due to not only being safe for the environment but also advantageous to people’s health. They are making a difference by reducing our footprint caused by detrimental human activities and ensure healthier generations to come:

  • By making your own cleaning products you will know exactly what they consist of.
  • Plain white vinegar and baking soda are two of the simplest and best natural cleaning detergents you can use.
  • Opting for something simple, good-smelling, and, most importantly, environmentally safe, you will get cleaning products that are also efficient in terms of cutting through dirt, soap scum, and grease in comparison to regular products.

4. Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers

Maintaining the level of indoor moisture at home helps to get rid of mold that is likely to occur in damp rooms. Following the EPA’s recommendations, you should keep your indoor humidity at moderate levels: Between 30-60% is ideal.

One of the ways to achieve this is through bathroom ventilation.

Another option to think of is the usage of your extractor hood when you prepare food for your family. Or you can opt for specialized air conditioners and dehumidifiers that will solve the problem guaranteed.

Dehumidifiers and air conditions both work to minimize the humidity level in a room or an entire building. Even though the outcome is quite similar, both machines operate differently.

Dehumidifiers are often utilized in cool and damp spaces, releasing warmer air into the room that was previously taken in and heated in the machine.

On the other hand, air conditioners reduce the moisture levels in a room by cooling the air. With the help of various air conditioner parts, they effectively cool the air while simultaneously removing excess humidity, ensuring a comfortable and dry indoor environment.

5. Allergen-Proof Materials

According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), dust mite allergens are the main contributors towards worsening allergy and asthma symptoms.

Their favorable habitat appears to be in your bed, cushioned furniture, and carpets due to thriving in warm and humid environments. In other words, dust mite can be found literally everywhere in your house.

Due to spending so much time in the bedroom, it is important to minimize mite levels there. Allergen-proof fabric covers and airtight and zippered plastic covers for mattresses and pillows are specifically designed to effectively protect your health from the negative effect of dust mite. To add to this, you should wash in hot water (130° F) and dry your bedding on a monthly basis.

Let’s Summarize

Let’s summarize: There are 5 easy ways to create a healthy living home.

  1. Treating your water
  2. Using air purifiers or air filters
  3. Choosing organic and eco-friendly cleaning products
  4. Using air conditioners and dehumidifiers
  5. And sticking to allergen-proof materials especially in your bedroom

Making these improvements in your home is a great way to reduce your body’s stress level. It gives you a nice feeling of taking control of your health and life as a whole – and it’s true!

We all search not only physical control but also physiological control at our homes. Therefore, consider taking some steps towards better living and boost your comfort level accordingly.

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