50 The Most Spectacular Sights In Europe – Part 2

World Inside Pictures is giving you the second part of the beautiful places and sights that you should see in europe. Check it below and enjoy!

Tellaro, Italy

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Barcelona Spain

2photo credit

 Castle Village In France

3photo credit

Castle Lichtenstein , Bavaria , Germany

4photo credit

Altaussee Austria

5photo credit

Cave Eisriesenwelt , Salzburg Austria

6photo credit

Lauterbrünnental, Switzerland

7photo credit

Lake Como , Italy

8photo credit

Fort de Saint John the Baptist, Berlengas Islands , Portugal

9photo credit

Zakynthos Island, Greece

10photo credit

Toledo, Spain

11photo credit

Clifftop Village (Ronda, Spain)

12photo credit

Briksdalsbreen Glacier , Norway

13photo credit

Ithaca Island, Greece

14photo credit

Soca River , Slovenia

15photo credit

Ai-Petri, Crimea, Ukraine

16photo credit

Ocean Waterfall, Azenhas do MarSintra, Portugal

17photo credit

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