A Cup Of Coffee, A Cup Of Magic: The Melbourne’s Coffee Story

Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks people start their day with. But for Melbourne people, coffee is even more. It is the lifeblood that runs through their laneways. From the high-quality roasters to the street-side cafes, coffee is the biggest love of any Melbourne person. The relations between the coffees itself, the baristas of the cafes and the customers is something magical and unbelievable. Melbourne has one of the best baristas around the world, and in return of their kindness and courtesy, locals treat and greet them like part of their families.

Thanks to the passion and the honest love for the coffee, Melbourne has become one of the most famous places around the world, for its coffee, roasters and baristas.  The best is that the baristas from that region are willing to share their knowledge about coffee with the visitors. Here are some reasons why to go for a coffee in Melbourne if you have the chance to:


Be immersed in the neighborhood

Coffee shops are the beating heart of Melbourne’s neighborhood vibe. Coffee is not only a drink. It is a lifestyle. It is a way of living. People from Melbourne are committed to their favorite coffee shops and coffee bars. They will pleasantly spend the whole day in the research of the perfect barista. And once they found it, they will return again and again.

Variety of blends and flavors

It is considered that the basis of any good coffee is the quality of the roasts.  Melbourne’s coffee roasters are one of the most quality in the whole world. The coffee beans are sourced from different places around the world: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Tanzania, Indonesia and much more. The flavors? They vary from blackcurrant to nougat, from mandarins to fudge. There is something for everyone’s taste. Whether you are a latter lover or you prefer an Australian flat white coffee ( an espresso-based drink made with a small amount of steamed milk and foam), you can definitely find your favorite taste through any of the endless coffee shops in there.

The skills of the barista

You can definitely not find any barista better than the ones from Melbourne. They are considered to be some of the most gently stuff ever existing among the world. First they are so polite, then they are so well informed about anything of the coffee itself, from the growing process to the whole process a coffee beans need to pass through to get into your cup. Don’t be surprised if your barista in Melbourne greets you with “the usual?” phrase. They will always remember your usual coffee habits and taste. They will treat you with a friendly treat. And as some 80% of the coffee is the barista, believe us you are getting the best coffee ever, when in Melbourne.

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