Amazing,This Clever Woman Transformed An Old Ultra Tiny Room Into A Completely Home

Dear readers for today we want to present you some really clever and genius apartment interior. You probably have already heard from someone or you maybe have read that to buy an apartment in Paris is not so easy and for that you will have a really really big budget. But maybe you have for some tiny and maybe you can have great relaxation in a tiny apartment and in the same time you will have all things needed for a normal life.
In this article we are showing you one very very interesting video that present a smart way of living in a tiny apartment. Yes the apartment is like only one room it has only 86 sq feet and this is about 8 sq meters. Yes dear readers you are not wrong it is very very small but as you can see in the video full equipment and even has a fully equipped bathroom. Everything is hidden in the walls and rolls out when needed. amazing art and creativity of the architect. So see in the video and enjoy!


source: kitoko studio    via diycozyhome

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9 years ago

Love it <3 😀

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